Make Love

Between primitive coitus and tenderness, one tends to dissect intercourse and put it in boxes. Is there really a camp to choose from? Kiss or make love, that's the question!

For some, "kiss" and "make love" is nothing more than a play on words. However, a nuance subsists beyond the desire or desire to cherish the partner. Judging by divergent opinions, one can kiss someone you love but the opposite is not true. Do not they say "kiss someone" more than "kiss with someone"? A grammatical dissonance heavy with meaning. You see a beginning index?

"Kiss" evokes a libertine copulation, coarse, hasty, trash and hard, perhaps even devoid of feelings. While "making love" is immediately associated with affection and morally correct.

The pattern have a hard life. But then, does this mean that we do not all have the same perception of intercourse? Do we naturally dare certain positions when we fuck? The words raw is when you fuck, the preliminaries to make love? It is to tangle the brushes!

The most coherent reflection would be that it is the intention to free oneself from the gaze of others, to let one's body speak, freed from all normative servitude, free to relay or not a transgressive carnal relationship without ulterior motives with a relationship More subtle.

Next, what to remember is that girls like to make love as much as kiss. It all depends on their state of mind at the moment.

Creating the atmosphere

Are you rather making love after a sushis orgy, in a room with felted tones, decorated with scented candles, a smell of aphrodisiac incense embalming the atmosphere, rose petals dotted here and there, looking at her In the eyes and in the neck


It does not matter that you do not feel the rose, that it is not in naughty outfit. Kiss is to go cash, without any shame, on a bed upside down, against a wall, on the washing machine, quickly done well. Any flat surface could do the trick.

The words pigs

Ah the words and their power to spice up the frolics! Are you the kind to exhilarate yourself on poetic proses and whisper in your ear "you are my sap and my land plowed. Inundate me with your desire "?


It is known, men like to play it dominant and conquering in known terrain. The dirty talk, so you go to two and without calculation. All animal names and salacious instructions go through.

The positions

You are more inclined to romantic relationships, in face-to-face positions, glued to one another, exchanging languorous kisses, plunging your eyes into one's own. It is only in this way that your bodies communicate in communion.

For you, there is no indecent way to get a foothold. The Kamasutra has no secrets for you. You have no taboo and it is ecstasy. She likes to be dominated, you do not spare her when she vociferous orders to take her as you want.

How we feel

You feel like in apnea, half-closed eyelids, you swim in full desire, at the edge of orgasm. It is welcoming, sweet and penetrating and it puts all your senses in excitement. You fully enjoy this moment of voluptuousness.


It is vertiginous, exalting and exhausting. You accelerate the pace, shake it in all directions before enjoying without worrying that she has reached her orgasm or not.


You are not far from enjoyment, in a state of bliss in total osmosis. You would like post-coitus pleasure to last a lifetime.


You enjoy and then you stop net. If your partner enjoys at the same time, it's good, if not it's secondary. At the worst, you finish the task by fingering it.

After Love

The fireworks takes place and you are in the seventh heaven, abandoned in the arms of one another. You gratify your tender half of a kiss on the forehead before embracing it and then sink into the arms of Morpheus.


It is biological, we understood, but let's admit that it is frustrating this craze to collapse, sleeping death on your partner, just a few minutes after the end of the frolics.

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