4 Things That Happens To Your Vagina

Many of the benefits of a healthy and fulfilling intimacy life: making love regularly boosts your immune system, reduces your stress, decreases your blood pressure and decreases the risk of heart attack. Oh, and also, when you reach orgasm, a hormone called oxytocin - the hormone of love - is released all the way through your body. You feel intense happiness and a smile on your face, renewing the ties with your partner.

However, an active and fulfilling intimacy life is unfortunately not the lot of everyone, and for women, it is the vagina that toast! Even if some decide to remain unmarried for spiritual or religious reasons, because they do not find an adequate partner or because of bad experiences, we all go through a period of inactivity at least once in our lives. So, what happens to your vagina when you do not have intercourse for a long time?

1 - The Next Penetration Could Hurt You

According to Dr. Brett Worly, a gynecologist at the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University, whether it's your very first time or your first time in a long time, you can expect some rather painful sensations. In general, painful penetration is the most undesirable consequence of long celibacy. Just as you struggle when you are going to run after a long time past your TV, you may feel some pain after a period of intimacy inactivity "because your muscles are no longer used to making love".

This risk is all the higher if your celibacy is due to something unpleasant, such as a difficult break. "The psychological problems that weigh on a person can also be painful," says Dr. Worly. The solution ? Lubricant, preliminaries and good communication with your partner are essential. Worly advises couples to start slowly, in order to "make sure everything goes smoothly, painlessly. And if it starts to hurt, stop. Try another time, with more preliminaries and lubricant. Making love does not have to be an evil for a good.

2 - Your inner parts can be impenetrable

Luckily, even if a woman has never made love before, most vaginal pains are brief and can be "cared for" with a good dose of patience, foreplay and lubricant. But in some cases, the vaginal muscles are so contracted that no penetration - even a tampon or a finger - is possible. This is called vaginismus. It can be due to several things, as often after mistreatment or rape, but this can happen without any obvious reason.

If this happens to you, get help directly. Therapist Holly Richmond recommends "seeing a gynecologist to receive a diagnosis and recommendation for pelvic floor physiotherapy". The physiotherapist will submit you to a series of mild exercises and will prescribe dilators to insert into your vagina, which will gradually increase its opening.

3 - Your libido desire decreases

Even if a lack of libido desire can be a true blessing in the midst of inactivity, you also lose all the benefits that intercourse offers to your health.

In order to put your desires appeal on the right track, Richmond recommends regular stimulation. "Orgasms are just good," she says, "whether they are achieved through you or your partner - your body will thank you for all this production of endorphins. "Positive: regular masturbation will make you better in bed:" People who masturbate tend to be more loving lovers and offer more to their partner. "

4 - Your vagina may degrade over time

Once in menopause, making love seems to become less important ... ERROR! The rate of estrogen produced drops precipitously during menopause, but the vagina as well as the vulva possess more receptors than any other part of the body, explains Dr. Barb DePree, obstetrician gynecologist. An inactive intimacy life may cause the vagina to become atrophied, ie the vagina walls dry up, become thinner and are more likely to tear.

Dr. DePree recommends that women who do not have a partner get pleasure from themselves on a regular basis. Wondering how important intercourse is? "I have a 75-year-old woman who makes love two or three times a week," DePree replies.


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