From an anatomical point of view, the breasts are the breasts of the woman and designate an even organ containing a mammary gland allowing to feed the babies thanks to the milk which it secretes. This organ also exists in man but is not as developed as in women and has neither the same utility nor the same effect.

The breasts provide pleasure but can also cause worry because of some ailments they can cause. They are exhibited, shown suggestively, loved, watched and caressed. Whether it is to prove that she assumes her body, to nurse her newborn, or to assert her power of seduction, the breasts represent the symbol of femininity par excellence.

All women have breasts, however each chest is unique according to its shape, size and age. You may have already asked yourself questions about your breast: why do you have one breast larger than the other? Why do they tend to swell during intercourse? Why are your nipples sensitive and erogenous?

In this article, we suggest you answer these questions and reveal other facts about your breasts.

Why only two breasts

The reason the woman has two breasts is solely related to breastfeeding. In most cases, the woman gives birth to one or two babies per pregnancy (most common cases), two breasts are ample enough for her to feed unlike other female mammals that have many nipples because they give birth Often very numerous litters.

Asymmetrical breasts

If your breasts are not quite similar, do not panic it's normal. Most of the women have a chest with the left breast a little larger than the right one. It's not about your anatomy, it's only human nature that wants it. On the other hand, if the size difference between your two breasts is very important, you should consult a doctor because it could be a size.

Flabby breasts

The breasts unfortunately tend to lose their firmness over time. The hormonal changes that occur with age cause decomposition of the elastin and collagen present in the breasts and thus cause a loss of firmness. Especially as in aging, the breasts contain more fat and become flabby.

Breasts maintained

Even though the bra appeared seven centuries before Christ, it was anchored in manners only in the thirties. Today, these are real fashion accessories; There is something for every taste and every purse. However, many women wear a bra not appropriate to their morphology and the size of their breasts which can alter the effectiveness of the support. If a brassiere is too small, it may cause pain and impede blood circulation, while if it is too large it will not be able to perform its function and maintain the chest.

Breasts that swell

During the preliminary phase preceding sexual intercourse, the breasts tend to increase in volume and swell due to excitement. This increase in size can go up to 20% because the blood circulation is greater and causes dilation of the vessels that are inside each breast. This phenomenon makes them not only bigger but also more sensitive to touch.

Breasts for pleasure

In some women, breasts are considered an erogenous zone and a real source of pleasure. They are able to reach orgasm when their partner caresses their breasts and sucks their nipples without even having to stimulate the genitals.

Breasts that obsess

Men's obsession with breasts dates back to their childhood when they tapped their mother's breasts. During breastfeeding, the famous hormone of pleasure, oxytocin, is secreted, which strengthens the bond between the child and its mother. The secretion of this hormone is also palpable when a man caresses the breasts of his partner, which strengthens the bond that exists between them.

A trio of breasts

You must have heard about the third breast, well, it's not an urban legend. Indeed, there is a minority of people who have a breast protrusion located near the other two breasts but which does not resemble a true breast. This malformation looks more like a big mole and it is possible to remove it through surgery.

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