Never Do Before Making Love

You are in the middle of preliminaries, the temperature rises, and suddenly you decide to interrupt this moment of intimacy to go and empty your bladder. Many women prefer to urinate before making love to be more comfortable during the act, or because this helps prevent urinary tract infections. Only, it has been proven that this bad habit, can have an inverse effect and represents a health hazard. Explanations!

Making love is much more than a moment of shared pleasure, because it has many health benefits. Intercourse helps improve blood circulation, which has a positive impact on heart health. They are also considered powerful anti-stress tools. Indeed, during the act, the body releases hormones such as endorphin (hormone of happiness) and oxytocin (hormone of love), which act against stress and possess a relaxing action.

Making love can also prove to be a good slimming ally. Did you know that intercourse can also be used because it is possible to lose up to 200 calories in 30 minutes.

Finally, having regular intercourse helps to preserve his youth. Remember that making love, promotes the secretion of growth hormone, which helps prevent wrinkles and preserve the elasticity of the skin. When the person reaches orgasm, the levels of DHEA, a steroid hormone, climb into the body. DHEA is renowned for its anti-aging properties, it helps to protect the skin and promotes the manufacture of collagen, guaranteeing the suppleness of the dermis.

So many reasons to make love regularly!

However, certain gestures and habits that one adopts during or before the act can have a contrary effect and impact our health. Among these, there is the urination before proceeding to the act.

Why not urinate before making love?

Many people, especially women, have a habit of urinating before the act. Some do it to feel comfortable during the report, while others do it in order to prevent urinary tract infections. Now science has proved the contrary.

Indeed, according to Dr. David Kauffman, an American urologist, this habit would cause the opposite effect. Urinating before making love, could increase the risk of urinary tract infections, which are much more common in women than in men.
Dr. David Kauffman points out that the benefits associated with the pre-act pee pause are unproven and advise all patients to avoid this.

He explains that during the act the bacteria sitting in the vagina ascend towards the urethra to reach the bladder, the organ where urinary infections are born.

When urinating, these bacteria will be eliminated, and when urinating before making love, we certainly will not want to pee after! Bacteria remain trapped in the bladder, where they can proliferate and cause infections.

It is therefore recommended not to urinate before intercourse, but rather after. Many doctors recommend going to the toilet after the act, to allow the evacuation of bacteria and cleaning of the urethra. This is an action known as "flushing".

Also remember that urine is the only way to get rid of bacteria for women unlike men who ejaculate through the urethra, allowing it to be cleaned. It is advisable to wait a few minutes before urinating. A gesture so simple, but that allows you to avoid post-coital urinary infections and preserve your health.

So to abstain from pee just before the act is a gesture to adopt to protect themselves, but also to have a better orgasm. Indeed, it would seem that having a full bladder during intercourse would lead to better orgasms. This can be explained by the pressure exerted by the filled bladder, which takes volume, on the inside of the vagina, which increases the sensations and thus the pleasure.

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