Color Of Your Menstruation

The rules mark the life of women from puberty to menopause. These monthly blood flows are a sign that the woman is still fertile and can reveal any health problem. By monitoring the color of the rules, it is possible to detect different gynecological disorders.

The rules are bleeding from the uterus. When there is no pregnancy, the body removes the uterine lining through these blood flows. Generally, menstruation occurs at puberty and disappear during menopause.

The rules can reveal a lot about the woman's health. By controlling the flow and color of bleeding, various health problems, including vaginal infections, can be detected.

Remember that the flow of the rules is generally abundant during the first 3 days, and becomes weaker the following days. However, in some women, this abundance may last the whole period of menstruation, or even more, in which case they can talk about menorrhagia.

The color of the rules depends on various factors including the cycle, the amount of blood and the speed of its flow.

What color your menstruation can reveal about your health

Brown or dark red:

Dark-colored rules should not be cause for concern. Indeed, they are simply the sign of a weak flow and generally occur towards the end of the rules. Thus, the blood stays in the vagina for a longer duration and eventually coagulates, hence the brown or dark red tasks.

Bright or clear red:

Bright or bright red bleeding is the most normal. It is a sign that the person is healthy. However, if this type of bleeding exceeds 8 days, it is important to consult a doctor.

Orange-red :

Be very vigilant as to the rules of this color, especially if they persist the whole period of menstruation. Generally, they are the result of a mixture of blood and cervical secretions. But in some cases, they may also indicate a vaginal infection.
Natural treatments

There are several medication treatments to deal with vaginal infections. Natural solutions to this problem are also effective:

Yogurt :

The vaginal flora consists of several bacteria, especially lactobacilli. These are good bacteria that have the role of protecting the vagina from pathogenic bacteria that can cause multiple infections. It is therefore important to have a balanced vaginal flora to avoid these affections.

For this, think of yogurts based on vegetable or goat milk. Indeed, yoghurt is an excellent source of probiotics and contains many lactobacilli. By consuming it, it would be possible to bring these bacteria into the gastrointestinal tract, and then they would end up in the rectum and anus to reach the vagina, crossing the skin of the perineum. In this way, they will restore the balance of the vaginal flora and protect it.

It is also possible to apply yoghurt directly to the affected part, in order to combat vaginal mycosis.

Boric Acid:

According to various clinical trials, boric acid in the form of vaginal capsules can be effective in combating vaginal infections, including yeast vaginitis. This principle has antifungal and disinfectant properties that can help treat this gynecological condition.

One trial was conducted on 180 women with yeast vaginitis who received 600 mg capsules of boric acid. According to the results, this substance provided a cure rate of 92%.

Caution, boric acid can cause a burning sensation or irritation and it is strongly discouraged for pregnant women.

The garlic:

Garlic has many antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Properties that make it an effective ingredient to treat vaginal mycosis caused by microscopic fungi (Candida albicans), especially during its early stages.

It is possible to use garlic in two ways:

By consuming it regularly and preferably raw, to benefit from all its benefits

By using it as a vaginal egg. To do this, place a peeled clove of garlic and hang a thread in it with a needle, as if to create a tampon. Then, wrap it in a sterile compress and insert it into your vagina. Let the garlic act overnight, then remove it the next day.


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