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Between 30% and 50% of children, adolescents and adults consume energy drinks fairly regularly. A fashion phenomenon that is not without danger for consumers. Several studies have highlighted the side effects of these energizing drinks that only energize the trade name. Assimilated to effort, they do not usually refer to any regulatory definition.

What are energy drinks made out of?

Energy drinks boast their alleged virtues in stimulating the brain and body, enhancing intellectual vigilance, boosting tone and boosting physical endurance. They are known, according to their manufacturers, to take advantage of the natural sources of the ingredients that compose them and possess stimulating properties both physically and intellectually. These supposed magic potions actually contain a mixture of different compounds, ranging from caffeine, to taurine, to sugar in the form of glucuronolactone, this sugar derived from glucose, via group B vitamins and extracts of certain Plants such as guarana and ginseng.

The question of the safety of the consumption of these drinks has been noted several times by the French Society of Sports Nutrition. These energy drinks are often assimilated to exercise drinks. However, caffeine and physical activity do not agree, especially in the presence of heart rhythm disorders. Moreover, the composition of energy drinks is not suitable for sports practice. The brands maintain this confusion by sponsoring sports events.

Components of energy drinks under scrutiny

A can of 250 ml contains a high dose of sugar, 7 to 9 teaspoons, equivalent to 110 to 140 calories.

Taurine is associated with side effects such as hyperactivity and other behavioral abnormalities such as psychotic seizures, as well as disrupting the function of the thyroid gland.

The high level of glucuronolactone is toxic to the kidneys.

These drinks contain excessive doses of B complex vitamins, which exceed the recommended daily intake

Over-consumption of caffeine is doubled with the addition of guarana, a grain that contains twice as much caffeine as coffee. Caffeine can exacerbate blood pressure and cause tremors and palpitations. Along with drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, the caffeine contained in these drinks is addictive. Full of carbohydrates, they can cause stomach upset and severe dehydration during exercise.

Health effects of energy drinks

Doctors are warning that, as a result of the increasing number of patients they receive, they have abused drinks that affect mood, sleep, heart function and concentration.

Numerous side effects have been highlighted on the main nerve centers

Central nervous system: Sleep disorders, irritability, anxiety, headaches, aggressive behavior, violence, hallucinations

Cardiovascular system: Tachycardia, seizures, high blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, risk of arrhythmia.

Digestive system: Overproduction of acids, appearance of heartburn and gastrointestinal disorders.

Renal system: diabetes, dehydration and abundant sodium, potassium, etc.

Energy drinks may also have interactions with certain medications. In addition, the combination of alcohol and energy drinks causes significant intoxication or leads to increased alcohol consumption, as the effects of drunkenness are masked by the consumption of these energy drinks. It is important not to associate them with alcoholic beverages or drug therapy with neurological effects.

Some natural substitutes to boost energy

The most natural way to recover energy is to drink lemon water, taking a sip of electrolytes, essential for the cells to produce energy. Just like natural fruit juices, those with peels especially, which in addition to maintaining your blood sugar at a constant rate, provide you with a source of energy when you feel excited. Begin your day with whole grain bread, high in fiber to stay tied up until lunchtime.

In case of a small craving, prepare a snack of dried fruits, these natural stimulants that are full of protein and fiber, in which you will draw as soon as you lack tone. Nibbling a square of dark chocolate is just as good for health. A cup of chai tea with cardamon has the faculty to fluidify the blood circulation.

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