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In love, each has preferences and criteria that he wants to find in his or her future partner: traits of character, general vision of life, difference of age not to be exceeded, etc. But sometimes, when the heart imposes its rules, reason no longer has a say, and we sometimes find ourselves faced with quite delicate situations, such as when a middle-aged man appears with a young woman who Is half his age, or a mature woman clinging to the arm of a young man of several years his younger. What is the ideal age difference in a couple, and does it have any effect on the durability of the relationship?

It is true that when the heart beats for a person, it becomes very difficult to think logically and cold headed. We tend to be blinded by our feelings, and to believe that we are capable of dealing with all the hardships of life, including the merciless gaze of those around us, as long as the person we love is with us. But once the euphoria of the first moments passed, reality hits the couple in full force.

What is the ideal age difference in a couple?

According to a study conducted by researchers at Emory University in Atlanta on 3,000 married people, the couples least likely to divorce are those with the least age difference. According to the results obtained, when the age difference between the two partners does not exceed one year, the risk of having them divorced is limited to 3%. As the age gap increases, the risk of divorce also increases to 18% for a 5-year gap, 39% for a 10-year gap, and 95% for a 20-year gap, and more.

Why does this gap have a negative impact on the sustainability of marriage?

When the two partners are almost the same age, they usually have many points in common and share fairly balanced views and objectives. On the other hand, a couple in which the age difference is quite high risks being confronted with its divergences on questions of everyday life, starting with the rhythm of life, the places to be frequented, the activities to be carried out ... Which can in the long run give rise to incessant disputes and create an abyss within the couple. 

In addition, health problems and sexual breakdowns that can occur with the natural process of aging will soon create a sense of frustration in the younger partner, which can eventually lead to separation.

The exception that confirms the rule

However, the results of this study should be considered with caution, as the emotional needs, the mode of reflection and the degree of maturity vary from person to person, regardless of age. Besides, in real life as in celebrities, there are many examples of couples with a great age difference but who are solid and well-knit. 

Take, for example, the moving and moving love story that linked Celine Dion to her late husband René Angelil, a 26-year-old her elder, and with whom she claims to have lived a life of pure happiness.


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