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Who of us did not want to find a book about relationships and directions to meet the soul mate, the right person. Unfortunately, this kind of book does not exist. Nevertheless, astrology is there to enlighten us, for the signs have compatibilities and affinities, but can also be repelled. So even if the heart is indomitable, let us help him find his way ...

In love relationships, love is not enough, as unhappy as it may seem ... How many loving couples found themselves broken for incomprehensible reasons?

A good relationship is based on love, devotion and compromise. If you like astrology, keep reading to find out which astrological signs are not meant to be together. Here are the impossible combinations:

Woman Aries and Taurus man

The Aries woman is stubborn and decisive. When these two signs are in disagreement or discord, they create a real mess.

The Taurus man is too proud and thinks he's always right. This kind of experience will cause her partner to detach slowly and move away.

Female Libra and Virgo man

The Virgin man is of a reserved nature, he does not express his feelings, and is quickly exasperated by the emotional outbursts of the woman Balance who reproaches her for her coldness.

The latter has a large circle of friends. His sociability and his openness of mind dissonate with the discreet nature of the Virgin who prefers to remain cloistered at home. Mutual reproaches rain!

Woman Cancer and Aquarius man

Aquarius is disinterested in money and equipment, so he can incur enormous expenses without being aware of it.

Conversely, the Cancer woman aspires to be safe from the financial point of view, which will trigger problems.

The woman Cancer is also capricious, which will exasperate Aquarius. She is not sensitive to the spiritual aspirations of her partner. He is anti-conformist and will not submit to any form of constraint.

Woman Sagittarius and Capricorn man

Capricorn will not be able to follow the Sagittarius adventurer. The reserved side of this native will not endure the direct way of expressing the Sagittarius woman, nor her authority.

Because of her seriousness, she will feel that he is not having fun, that there is no joy in their lives, and this monotonous routine will break his momentum.

Woman Scorpio and Aries man

Different characters, with a risk of confrontation.

Aries man, domineering, will encounter resistance on the part of the Scorpio woman, firm and voluntary. Their daily lives will be filled with battles because none will not accept defeat. It is not warm. He is carefree and immature.

Woman Capricorn and Libra man

She has difficulty expressing her feelings, while he, of a fiery and charming nature, can not bear the coldness of this native of Capricorn.

On the financial level, the Libra man is a limitless spender, he does not deprive himself of any pleasure, while the Capricorn woman is of an economical nature, which holds well its budget.

Female Taurus and Lio man

Two proud and proud beings. He likes to be the center of the universe, and wants to be the best in everything, which will trigger unimaginable conflicts.

Lions men are sociable and like to go out, while the Taurus woman prefers to stay at home with some friends.

Female Gemini and Scorpio man

A union that will not last over time, for lack of critical thinking. She will reproach the Scorpion for her arrogance, her jealousy, and her apparent coldness. On the other hand, the Scorpion will have trouble managing the fickle character of his partner. The woman Gemini will be disconcerted by her great anger and cruelty.

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