Cleaning Your Butt Wrong

In many countries and cultures, a myth has been spreading for a very long time, the use of toilet paper for good anal hygiene. Western societies have trivialized the intimate hygiene by establishing that the best way to clean properly after going to the saddle is to wipe with toilet paper, which is totally wrong.

Effects of proper cleaning

The rectum plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the body and requires an irreproachable daily hygiene so as not to take the risk of contracting a disease. Cleaning the rectum is therefore very important.

In many civilizations, good anal hygiene consists in washing the perineum and rectum automatically after each defecation. This was done first with washing, then with the use of the bidet and finally with the help of wet wipes. The means have changed and evolved over time and have followed the path of modernity.

Bidets are becoming less frequent in modern bathrooms, and even when they are present, they are often abandoned and used only as decorative elements. Yet it is necessary if you wish to have a good intimate hygiene and have a quick and simple access to the water without necessarily having to pass in the shower after each defecation. Indeed, it is initially intended for the daily washing of the intimate parts, the rectum and the feet.

The gestures to adopt for an irreproachable hygiene

Today, most people tend to clean themselves quickly with paper without rinsing or washing their external genitals, a dry toilet is insufficient. Rough wiping may cause an accumulation of fecal remains around the intimate area, which irritates, disrupts and causes unpleasant odors. It is imperative to have good hygiene to stay healthy and ensure its well-being.

When you go to the saddle, make sure you have finished before proceeding with the cleaning. It is essential to take your time because you have to evacuate all your stool to clean your body.

Then carry out a first cleaning by wiping yourself with toilet paper, attention that this one must be of quality to avoid the unpleasant rubbings, the irritations or even the hemorrhoids. Choose it soft, delicate and thick-leaved. It is useless to use a lot of paper, a few squares are all the more if it is of good quality. You must maintain the sitting position to have a better range and remove as much fecal remains as possible.

Be careful, you must absolutely clean gently from the front to the back and never in the opposite direction otherwise the saddles may be in contact with your intimate area known to be fragile.

After cleaning most stools with toilet paper, run over the bidet and wash your back using a mild soap and clear water. Perform gentle movements, and always from the front to the back!

The variants

There are also toilets with small shower heads that are hung and intended for cleaning the genitals after defecation, this is the WC shower. Just direct it towards your rectum and spray the water jet to clean it properly.

For those who do not have a bidet or hand shower nearby, it remains the option of special wet WC wipes. They are intended for intimate hygiene and cleansing of the anal area after the saddle. Efficient and practical because they are easily transportable, they are fragrance-free and thus avoid irritation while leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness, unlike paper.

If you do not find these special wipes, you can use the baby cleaning wipes.

In Japan, an invention has revolutionized anal hygiene, the famous washlet or Japanese toilet that have an integrated shower. After you have finished draining your stools, a powerful jet of water starts automatically and proceeds to the complete cleaning of your external genitals. The high water pressure makes it possible to wash hard-to-reach areas, particularly furrows and folds, in order to get rid of residues of impurities.

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