Have you ever noticed that at the level of shirts and polo shirts, the buttons are on the right for men and left for women? Many people wonder why such a difference exists and especially where it originated.

There are three hypotheses that would explain why the buttons on the male and female clothes are reversed.

Hypothesis 1

During the 17th century, only the women of a certain social class in the upper class districts wore knitted clothing to distinguish themselves from the peasants and assert their status. Generally, they did not dress themselves and were helped by maids who dressed and dressed them.

Most of the houseworkers were right-handed, as was the rest of the population, and it was easier for them to have pimples placed on their right side when placed in front of their mistresses to dress them. Initially, the buttons were on the right side of the closure, but faced with this complicated situation, the seamstresses would have decided to reverse them to make it easier for the maidservants.

As for the men, the buttons are located to the right because they dressed alone most of the time. Even though the clothing with buttons was reserved only for wealthy men, as for women, they were assisted by valets and butlers who intervened only to prepare the clothes and accessories they were about to wear . They preferred to dress themselves, so the buttons remained on the right.

Hypothesis 2

In the Middle Ages, women who had children in the world used to keep their right hands always free while they were carrying their children with their left hand / arm. The buttons being placed on the right side of their clothes, it was not easy to unbutton their top when they wanted to breastfeed their children. As a result, the buttons would have been placed on the left to facilitate this operation and slide the child's head towards the left breast so that the feeding can be done easily.

Moreover, while the child was feeding, his mother could slip the rest of her body under the right pan of her clothing to prevent it from catching cold.

Hypothesis 3

Still in the Middle Ages, men used to wear swords that they could draw at any time to fight or defend themselves. Just like breastfeeding mothers, their right hand should always be available and operational. In winter, however, the cold could numb him, so as to avoid getting there, they placed their right hand under the left pan of their coat and had to button and unbutton from right to left to facilitate the operation.

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