5 Inspirational Women Share Their Secret

Weight loss is often seen as a constraint that imposes rules and becomes an obsession. You spend your time calculating the number of calories ingested, the amount of calories you have burned and the number of minutes spent doing sports.

However, many women who have succeeded in gradually losing weight and stabilizing their weight without taking back lost pounds, say that they have found pleasant methods to achieve this by enjoying themselves. Here are 5 of them who have decided to share their secrets.

I do not make plans

I do not put pressure, I just follow a balanced diet composed of many green vegetables and lean white meats. When I really want a little candy, I taste a fruit instead of turning to a pastry. It is the fact of having adopted such habits that helps me the most, I enjoy eating healthy products and I have no remorse when I make a small gap. I eat reasonable portions and if I'm still hungry at the end of the meal, I drink a large glass of water and wait 10 minutes.

In general, this tip calms my hunger, the rare times when it is not the case I eat a little more. This is my way of listening to my body and meeting its needs!

I set myself a sports goal

The biggest click for me was discovering my soul as an athlete when I trained for my first marathons. I fell under the charm of weightlifting and totally invested in the practice of this sport. I had so much fun during each session and was so focused on my progress that I did not even realize that I was losing weight as I went along. 

Seeing my body metamorphosed gave me confidence in myself and aroused in me a feeling of satisfaction and pride. I was all the more motivated to take care of myself by adopting a healthy diet. Sport has had the effect of a catalyst that has transformed my body, mind and way of being.

I made small changes in my daily life

I lost weight so slowly that I realized it the day I managed to put on trousers that I had not been able to wear for two years. Changing some of my daily habits has had a visible and effective effect over time. I increased the amount of vegetables in my diet, practiced daily exercises, took the time to prepare meals myself, and banned the take-away meals. I did not feel like trying to lose weight but rather to make decisions that are beneficial to my health. Today, all these habits are rooted in my everyday life and are part of my new personality.

I started preparing my meals myself

I decided to stop depriving myself because it means automatically regain the lost pounds or more. My old diets were hypocaloric and imposed menus little ragoutants that quickly tired me. I then focused on pleasure by eating more and better without strict dieting. I started preparing meals made of foods that I enjoy and taste that maintain a certain balance and prevent me from turning to fatty and sweet products as soon as I am tired or demoralized.

I exercise constantly

When I was pregnant, I practiced sports regularly: weightlifting and cardio training six days a week. I refused to change my usual schedule, and even though I continued to gain weight because of pregnancy, I spent most of my time in the room to compensate. I even attended a zumba class on the eve of my daughter's birth! The delivery was very good, it was much faster and easier than the first and I am convinced that it is the fact of practicing physical activity regularly that kept me in shape. 

After that, I had to stop for six weeks to take care of my daughter but I had only one hurry is to go back. As soon as I was able to resume the exercise, I managed to lose the 24 pounds taken during my pregnancy, and all in a few months!

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