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Originally from Asia and used for more than 5,000 years, garlic is known and recognized for its antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiallergic and even anti-cholesterol properties. It is a miracle cure that intervenes in the treatment and prevention of many diseases thanks to its powerful components.

The healing properties of garlic

Garlic is made up of phenolic acids that allow it to act as a powerful antiseptic capable of treating digestive and respiratory disorders. Moreover, the inulin it contains, promotes digestion and protects the intestinal flora. Garlic also intervenes in the treatment of hypertension, improves blood circulation, protects the heart and cleanses the liver.

If consumed on an empty stomach, it is an effective antibiotic because microbes are less resistant and are easily eliminated.
Garlic is considered by specialists in alternative medicine as a tool that neutralizes toxins and wastes stored in the body as well as parasites and intestinal worms.

It turns out that garlic is also an effective antifungal that allows to treat in a simple, natural and effective way many fungi and bacteria, including those responsible for vaginal mycosis. If the infection is spotted early enough, a few cloves of garlic will be enough to get rid of it.

Garlic, a cure for vaginal mycosis

The origin of vaginal mycosis is a microscopic fungus called Candida Albicans that usually affects the vagina by causing an infection, but it can also affect the mouth, nails and skin.

Vaginal infection can also be favored if you are under antibiotic or pregnant treatment, or if you have poor intimate hygiene.

If you have ever suffered from vaginal infection before, you must now be familiar with the symptoms.

First mycosis manifests itself in itching which tend to get worse and harder to bear. At this stage, it is possible to treat it using raw garlic. On the other hand, if abnormal vaginal discharge with unpleasant odor occurs, it means that it is too late and the infection is already installed.

It is therefore necessary to intervene at the first signs precursors!

You can use garlic not only to treat a spot infection but also as a background treatment to prevent the occurrence of recurrent fungal infections.

How to use garlic?

External use

Peel a clove of garlic and pierce a hole with a needle to pass a thread, this trick will make it easier for you when you want to remove it. Put the clove in a sterile compress soaked in olive oil to facilitate insertion, insert it into your vagina like a vaginal egg before you go to bed and remove it on waking.

One night may be enough to eliminate the infection, but as a precaution it is advisable to repeat the operation one or two additional days.

Internal use

It is also possible to consume garlic extract standardized in the form of food supplements. The recommended dosage is 1 gram per day, so one tablet each morning is sufficient. Garlic extract standardized in organic stores and parapharmacies, it is certainly odorless but retains all the properties of garlic. By ingesting these capsules, you strengthen your natural defenses and treat the infection from the inside.

For a better result, you can complete this treatment by the vaginal suppository method mentioned above and by the regular consumption of raw garlic.
The best way to benefit from all the virtues of garlic is to eat it raw; Either by adding it to your salads, or by mixing it with olive oil to spread your slices of toast.

Beware, however, of its strong smell and taste which can be difficult to bear and which tend to discourage more than one, especially as it is a factor of bad breath.

If you prefer to eat it cooked, certainly its smell will be less strong but know all the same that its properties will be deteriorated because the effects decrease because of the heat and the cooking.

Used in high doses, garlic can irritate the mucous membranes and even burn them, especially for women who use this method when they do not suffer from mycosis. Be sure to use this treatment if and only if you have an infection without abusing it.

Garlic is also not recommended in cases of porphyria, as well as to people who have undergone surgery because the garlic has anticoagulant power.

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