3 Exercises That Burn Fat In Record Time!
3 Exercises That Burn Fat In Record Time!

Running is the most popular sports thanks to its high fat burning capacity and its accessibility. Because to go to run, the only tools you need are a good pair of walking shoes and a suitable bra. But is that enough? Here are 3 workouts that burn calories much faster!

For a 68 kg woman, a 4 km run for 30 minutes, equivalent to 1.3 km / 10 minutes, will burn 143 calories, the equivalent of 36 calories per km.

It is good to diversify the exercises and not just run for 4 or 5 km. Many exercises are effective for burning fat but little practiced. Most of the time, you need state-of-the-art equipment and a membership in a Gym club. Except that these exercises do not require anything and are easily accommodated with the race. They combine easily and are practiced in your home or outside, without clutter!

Top-Down Workout

A TABATA training session is not enough. TABATA (an HIIT interval training method) is a great way to increase the heart rate, but performing a 20-second exercise and then recovering for 10 seconds, and this 8 times in a row, is not enough. It takes a longer time to work the whole body and sculpt it, effectively burning fat. The metabolism keeps a good heart rate for hours after the workout.

The 60/45/20 method

60 seconds of burpees
10 seconds of pause
45 split jumps by rocking the arms
10 seconds of pause
30 seconds of climber's exercise
10 seconds of pause

Repeat 3 times

Variant :
60 seconds of burpees with triceps pumps
10 seconds of pause
45 seconds of squat jump
10 seconds of pause
30 seconds of Plank Jack

Repeat 3 times

Calories burned
Each session lasts only 8 minutes, and allows to burn 100 to 140 calories.

A session for the whole body

This session allows you to work on different heart rate zones. It includes weight training exercises for the bottom, top and center of the body. Sprints have been integrated for a good heart rate and have the legs worked.

Part 1: Do these exercises in 45 seconds each
  • Plank walks
  • Squat jump
  • Sumo squat pulse
  • Pumps
  • 2 sprints of 10 seconds

Rest 60 seconds and repeat this work 3 times.

Part 2: Do these exercises in 45 seconds each
  • Exercise of the climber
  • Slots on the side
  • Touching the toes
  • Donkey Kicks
  • 3 sprints of 10 seconds

Rest 60 seconds and repeat this work 3 times.

Calories burned
They vary according to weight, height and effort, but the purpose of this session is to burn between 350 and 450 calories.

Running at intervals

If your goal is to burn calories, go on a track and race with intervals. A training session following intervals where it is necessary to be more intense on segments, allows to maintain the physical form.

Interval Training
  • 5 minutes of easy jogging to warm up
  • 8 x 400 m on a track, trail or road at a steady pace.
  • Rest for 30 seconds after each interval, then make the board 30 seconds per odd interval or 5 to 10 pumps per even interval.
  • Successfully complete 5 to 10 minutes of jogging.

Calories burned
More than 350 calories.

Here you have examples of effective workouts to change the course. No more excuses for not

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