In public, farts are a source of teasing and shame, especially if they are malodorous. In some cultures, they are even considered a disrespectful act. However, such as hiccups, urine or rots, farts are natural phenomena and should not cause any embarrassment or worse retention. Discover in this article 7 reasons to no longer hold the farts.

It is estimated that a normal person, releases between 14 and 18 intestinal gas per day. Farts or flatulence refer to the evacuation of intestinal gas through the rectum. Gases that accumulate in the intestine following the process of fermentation of food or the absorption of air during mastication.
Farts can be either malodorous or odorless and can sometimes produce sounds at the time of expulsion, as they may go unnoticed!

Because of the embarrassment they cause, many people try to hold back their farms. Error ! Farms can tell a lot about each other's state of health and can even do good. Here are 7 good reasons not to retain them:

They say a lot about health:

You have to know that we can not get rid of all the gases in our intestines and that is all the better, since they can reveal a lot about our health. Indeed, the presence of gas in the intestines indicates its proper functioning, while their absence is a sign of a blockage of intestinal function or of an occlusion.

They reduce bloating:

Bloating is a digestive disorder, resulting from an accumulation of gas in the intestine and resulting in a round belly. Thus, the farts that evacuate intestinal gas can be of great help in preventing or reducing bloating.

The smell of farts is beneficial for health:

It may be hard to believe it, but the smells of farts are actually beneficial to your health. Indeed, this unpleasant odor which is avoided and which is caused by high levels of hydrogen sulphide, can have a positive effect on cell function.

This is proven by a study by the University of Exeter in Great Britain. According to scientists, hydrogen sulphide would prevent cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, stroke as well as arthritis. Indeed, when cells are stressed by the disease, they produce very little hydrogen sulphide, which makes it possible to maintain the functions of the mitochondria, which have as role to control the inflammation.

Farts can help you determine your food needs:

The frequency of your farts can tell a lot about your diet. Thus, if your farts are rare, this means that you do not eat enough fiber. Recall that these substances produce gases during their fermentation.

By cons if you have a diet rich in complex proteins, red meats and pulses especially, you will produce more intestinal gas, because your intestine needs to double efforts to break them down. Farts from this diet usually have a more unpleasant odor.

It is the sign of a good intestinal flora:

Being regular is indeed a sign of good health. This indicates that your digestive system is going well, because you are eating healthy foods. Some vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage or lentils and beans are known to increase the rate of good bacteria in the intestinal flora. The latter produce intestinal gas by rejecting non-digested fibers and carbohydrates.

Thus, the consumption of healthy foods but which promote flatulence is essential to feed the bacteria-friendly intestinal flora.

Farts are good for the intestine:

It is not for nothing that it is not advisable to keep farts. Indeed, evacuating the intestinal gases through the farts allows to empty the intestine, while retaining them will cause their accumulation at this level which will cause a strong pressure on the walls of this organ.
In addition to being painful, this pressure can eventually cause distention of the intestine.

It feels good !

This is an equally valid reason for not keeping farts! Indeed, fart doing good. All of a sudden, we feel lighter and above all free of the gases that block our intestines. Do not deprive yourself on condition of going away to not inconvenience your entourage

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