8 Reasons Why He Doesn't Want to Make Love With You
8 Reasons Why Man Doesn't Want to Make Love With You
"I'm tired darling" or "not this darling night", a man who does not want to make love, it can happen and much more often than one can imagine. It remains difficult for women to accept it, because in their head, a man always wants! Know ladies that your darlings may experience a drop in desire drive and the causes are multiple.

8 reasons why he does not want to make love any more

The menopause of man:

Men's menopause or andropause indicates a decrease in the production of male hormones. This phase, which generally affects men between the ages of 45 and 65, is accompanied by many symptoms such as weight gain, insomnia or irritability. But not that, andropause is also manifested by libido symptoms like less strong erections or even a decrease in desire.

So, if your man presents these signs, it is unnecessary to take his libido drop personally. The reason is simply organic!

X Movies

Although some judge it as a source of renewal and a way to nurture the fantasies and develop them, others consider them a true kill love! Indeed, various scientific researches have demonstrated the impact of pornography on the sexual life of a couple. Men who often watch such movies negatively judge their partner and are less satisfied with their prowess.

Many polls also confirmed that women, whose spouses are addicted to these movies, admit that they are less interested in them.

That said, if you suspect that your man is enjoying himself otherwise, instead of spending more time with you, talk about it with him!

Testosterone deficiency:

This problem is more common in men over the age of 45, and can have several psychological, physical and libido effects.

How to tell if your man is suffering from a testosterone deficiency? Generally, men who have this problem have mood disorders (lack of motivation, mood swings ...), physical disorders (hairiness mask ...) and of course libido disorders, usually a significant drop in libido.

Do not worry, this problem can be dealt with!

A lack of affection:

If your partner has decrease in libido, it may be because of you! A lack of affection on your part can be interpreted as a lack of interest in him. He does not feel desirable and eventually loses envy.

Be more expressive and show him that he counts for you. A little spontaneous kiss or a morning hug, will be more than appreciated.

An underlying disease:

Certain diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, neurological diseases or depression, affect the libido and decrease desire.

Obviously, a drop in desire drive is not always related to this type of illness, but if you notice that your man no longer feels desire impulse, do not hesitate to talk with him so that he can in turn Talk with your doctor.


The eyes that sting, sneezing infinite and a nose that runs all day ... It must be admitted that allergies do not really put in a mood. This is confirmed by a study conducted by Cleveland Clinic in the United States. Indeed, 18% of those questioned said that their allergies affect their libido.

Now you know why your man is less interested in you in the spring!

The problems :

Daily worries, can have an impact on your darling's libido. Indeed, a drop in sudden desire does not necessarily mean that you do not attract it anymore, but it can be related to his worries. Maybe his boss is leading a hard life, he has financial problems, he is worried ... the scenarios are multiple and affect his desire!

On your side, try to find out how to get him out of this state, if only by listening to him and comforting him!

Abusive hand job:

Self-stimulation certainly has its advantages, but practiced abusively, it can harm the libido of the couple. Indeed, by dint of solo pleasure, men forget the relational dimension of the intercourse relationship activity. This can also affect sexual desire and may cause blockage. Once in a situation, problems of erection can also manifest!

What to do ? Discuss the issue with him, before the problem gets worse!


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