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In the couple, intercourse is a way to get closer to the other and to tighten the bonds of attachment with him. But that's not all. It is also a moment of carnal pleasure and exploration of the body and the erogenous zones of the other. Moreover, the most appreciated moment - generally during a relationship is when one reaches her orgasm.

Unfortunately, not all women can do this, which generates deep frustration and lack of interest in intercourse. So what are the causes of this phenomenon and how to achieve its orgasm?

For intercourse to be successful, it must meet several conditions that allow the woman to enjoy it and reach its orgasm. The first is psychological. The woman must therefore

The effort to empty his head, take the time to get rid of his stress and momentarily forget his to-do list to focus on the present moment. Then comes the turn of his partner. The latter must be able to arouse his desire by adequately stimulating his clitoris, known to be the most sensitive part of his body, and which gives him easier access to orgasm contrary to penetration.

It is also important to know that certain medical treatments and health problems (depression, hormonal disorders ...) reduce the ability of women to reach their orgasm. It is therefore important to talk to the attending physician.

* To help you finally feel this peak of pleasure and the surge of sensations, here are some effective methods to try: *

Stimulation of one's own genitals

This is no secret to anyone, one of the keys to achieving orgasm is obviously to discover her body to know it well. Masturbation helps you understand what works best for you, and you will learn through it to better manage your partner and so let him or her fill you with pleasure. Moreover, if your partner really can not satisfy you, you can always masturbate during the intercourse. Do not we say that we are "never better served than by ourselves"?

The vibrators

Electric, battery-operated, of all colors, sizes and materials, there is something for everyone. And that's mainly interest. Their stimulation is much more intense than that emitted by intercourse relations or masturbation. And then if you are rather shy and that is not emotional side joy, you can always count on them. Of course, using it during intercourse is not outlawed, and is even strongly advised.


Tell your partner what you like, what you hate, your fantasies, ... No one can read your thoughts. Encourage him also, if he does you something agreeable, tell him, he will continue with more ardor, and then nothing is worth a compliment to get what you want. Moreover, talking about these intimate things will allow you to establish a climate of confidence between you, to relax, ... and thus to arrive more easily to orgasm.

Read naughty books

To let her express her fantasies and to stimulate her libido is essential to any pleasure. Indeed, the imagination amplifies enormously the pleasure because it is your brain that releases the hormones (endorphins, dopamines, ...) responsible for the orgasm. And then who would say no to naughty ideas?

Making love last for long time

The harder the intercourse, the more likely you are to have an orgasm. Be inventive! Enjoy the pleasure of changing your position (not to be bored) and moving to higher gear once you love one.

The missionary
You are not mistaken, we speak well of the same missionary. This position happens to be the best for an orgasm because the clitoris is also stimulated during penetration. Plus, being on top will allow you to have more control over your most erogenous areas and so also participate in your own enjoyment.


For (too many) couples, intercourse ends when the man ejaculates. All too often, it is at this very moment that the woman is about to reach an orgasm. You must stop this injustice and realize that many men would love you to ask them to stimulate you with their hands or their mouth. This is not at all selfish because it would actually give your partner the chance to make you happy, and that's priceless.

Shouting facilitates orgasm

Not only does this allow you to tell your partner that he is doing well and therefore excites him in turn, but it also amplifies and diffuses energy and pleasure, Orgasm significantly faster than if you remained in complete silence, which can, by force, turn out to be bothersome and annoying.

To empty

Empty your mind of all your work problems and your headaches before going to the act is essential to promote orgasm.
Relax, have a good hot bath, enjoy a glass of wine and unplug your phone before making love, you will tell us about it.

In conclusion, try to be free-spirited, be spontaneous and surprising, do not fall into a routine and enjoy the present moment.


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