Erogenous Zones

Unlike the man who concentrates most of her pleasure in her genitals, the woman can feel pleasure in stimulating many parts of her body. Even if these erogenous zones have a different effect during intercourse by persons, some of them are common to all to raise the temperature.

What are the erogenous zones?
Erogenous zones in women can cause the arousal by simply being caressed or embraced, they are generally divided into three categories.

Primary erogenous zones

Some areas are common to all women to achieve orgasm and lead the excitement to its climax. It is part of the clitoris, very sensitive it can cause total enjoyment being stimulated by caresses and on the other hand the vagina whose sensitivity varies according to women and which allows to lead to orgasm by contracting Its muscles around the rod of the man during penetration.

Secondary erogenous zones

In addition to the vagina and the clitoris, there are other areas that arouse pleasure and can lead to orgasm. These include the breasts and nipples (particularly sensitive), the vaginal wall, the buttocks and the pubis. When these parts are stimulated and caressed in addition to the primary erogenous zones, the woman is likely to reach ecstasy.

Potential erogenous areas

Each of these parts is sensitive to the senses and is more a matter of eroticism than orgasm, but their stimulation is important during the preliminary phase because they make it possible to raise the temperature and put you in condition for a relationship that Hot Advertisement! Whether it is foot strokes, delicate bites in the earlobe or a slight breath on the neck, these areas are fun and vary from woman to woman in both their localization and l 'intensity.

How do they develop?

As bizarre as it may seem, the erogenous zones in women are essentially related to the innate and the acquired. Some parts are naturally sensitive while others become gradually aware from childhood and continue to evolve into adulthood. This is why some women discover new sources of pleasure even when they are adults, especially when they and their partner take the time to discover themselves.

It would seem that pleasure development in adulthood is linked to childhood, and more precisely to the physical contact of the mother who intervenes in the perception of the senses. For example, if a mother has not had loving and tender gestures towards her baby, this will lead to a lack of self-confidence in the long term and a lack of pleasant memories on her skin and vice versa. As for the many erogenous zones of women, they are linked to the fact that female babies would benefit from much more attention and cuddling than babies.

The most common erogenous zones

The inner thighs
A key zone near the crotch, the more the caresses are directed towards the genitals, the more the pleasure intensifies.

Composed of numerous nerve endings, its massage secretes many hormones of pleasure.

Whether it is a light breath, a caress or a kiss delicately placed, the stimulation of this area provides pleasant and intoxicating thrills.

The back
Throughout the spine there are sources of pleasure that can be stimulated by tender caresses or relaxing massages.

The fold of the knees
This part of the body is soft and delicate and can elicit pleasure by being caressed with tact.

The lobe of the ear
This small piece of flesh is ideal to be nibbled, sucked, licked or kissed.

The palm of the hands
Like the scalp, it is endowed with sensory sensors that cause the secretion of pleasure hormones when stimulated.

Soles of the feet
Also composed of many nerves, its massage brings an enormous amount of pleasure and chills throughout the body. Some fetishists like to have their toes sucked.

The buttocks
An erogenous zone par excellence, the nerve endings that compose it make it a favorite part for ascending to the seventh heaven

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