9 Secret Erogenous Zones That All Men Must Know

To raise desire during the preliminaries, it is important to know its erogenous zones and those of its partner. And if men derive the majority of their pleasure from their genitals, women, they derive their excitement from different parts. The woman's body is indeed a topological map rich in erogenous zones, and it is not just about the primary ones (clitoris, vagina ...). Go then to the discovery of these parts, sometimes improbable, which awaken its senses!

1 - Her face

The face is a part of reading and receiving; The expressions allow the partner to read the feelings, while the caresses allow to receive pleasure. The wings of the nose, the eyelids or the circumference of the mouth are very sensitive to the breaths and to the touches.

Also take the time to do a little massage at the temples, or above the eyebrows, to relax tensions and make your darling more receptive to your caresses.

2 - Her ears

Ears can be a real source of pleasure! To put it in condition, touch or massage sensually the helix of his ear with your thumb tenderly holding the back of his head with your fingers. When you feel that it responds to your caresses, touch that same part of the ear with your nose.

Even hearing your jerky breathing can make it turn your head. Do not forget the classic; The nibble of the lobe of the ear!

3 - Her neck

Neck and neck are very sensitive parts to touch, kisses but also to the breath. According to Sandor Gardos, a sex therapist, the skin is thinner in this part, and the blood vessels and nerves are closer to the surface. By stimulating the neck, we engage the sensory receptors and trigger an emotional response.

To awaken her senses, sensually touch her neck with your lips starting from the chin to the level of the throat. Guaranteed effect!

4 - Her lips

Kisses are your entrance exam or passing to the rest of his body. Do not neglect this phase of preliminaries because it allows you to be in close intimacy with your darling.

It's up to you to choose the rules of the game depending on the context; Sweet and sensual kisses or impassioned and passionate.

5 - Her fingers

Titillate his senses, gently caressing the palm of his hand. This part of the body is very rich in sensory receptors, do not neglect it!
Spread your fingers gently on the upper part of the palm, gently advancing towards his fingers. Avoid exerting pressure, you should rather touch them.

According to Lauren Slade, founder of the University College of Reflexology, this stimulation is very discreet so that no one can notice the partners but has a significant effect that awakens other parts of the body.

6 - Her breasts

This is one of the most erogenous areas of the woman's body. But before you throw on her small nipples, take the time to explore the rest of her breasts because all of these organs is densely innervated.

Know that the more you tickle the periphery of the nipples, the more intense the sensation will be when they are directly stimulated. Note that the nipples are rich in nerve endings, and include especially the corpuscles of Meissner, very sensitive receptors.

7 - The back of her knee

Many women are ticklish at this level, but when stimulated properly, the sensation changes. Start first with other erogenous zones to prepare the ground, then go to his leg.

Carefully gently touch the back of the leg with your fingertips down the thighs to the calves and then pause at the back of the knee. Light caresses with the fingers will give him delicious chills.

8 - Her back

Gently massage the muscles between his shoulder blades and his spine, then piano down. As you approach the lower back, the nerves become more sensitive and the sensation is intense. As you move towards this part, stop in the middle and bifurcate to the sides of her breasts. These unexpected caresses will certainly give him flashes of sexual desire!

9 - Her thighs

It is well known that waiting for a caress can alone arouse excitement. Spread your sweetie's legs slightly and run your fingers or your mouth along her thighs toward her vagina, but turn back as soon as you approach her. This suspense will make his body float in ecstasy

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