Your Nails Immediately See A Doctor!
Nails Immediately See A Doctor

If you look carefully at your nails, you may see small white spots that have long been linked to a lack of calcium in the body. But it is not, these spots are probably the symptom of leuconychia, a disease that affects many people.

Long regarded as a calcium deficiency, this received idea pushed people with white spots on the nails to increase their consumption of dairy products. But it turns out that they were suffering from a little-known condition that manifests itself in particular by the appearance of unsightly and harmless spots.

Most often, these spots result from trauma, stroke, impact or inflammation suffered by the nail plate, which causes an imbalance in keratinization. According to Dr. Pablo Unamuno, Head of the Department of Dermatology of the Salamanca Hospital and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venerology, since the nail grows a millimeter every ten days, Is in the middle of the nail, the impact surely took place three months earlier.

These small lesions, which appear as a result of the use of aggressive products for nails (manicure and varnish), bites by gnawing nails, blows or cuticles badly cut are the symptoms of leuchonychia.

What is leuchonychia?

When the nail is healthy, it is transparent with a pinkish look. If you notice a change in color, this can be the symptom of various diseases, among it leuchonychia. This disease is manifested by the partial or total discoloration of the nail and the appearance of white and yellowish spots.
It can touch one or several fingers and can be more or less visible, we speak then of three types of leuchonychie:

Apparent leuchonychia: the nail has a whitish color

Leuchonychie in points: some white spots appearing on the nail
Total leuchonychia: the nail is totally white

This condition may be caused by trauma, nail fungus, zinc or arsenic poisoning, kidney failure, heart disease, cirrhosis, skin disease or cancer, depending on the condition The extent of the spots.

What is the treatment against leuchonychia?

To date, there is no treatment to combat leuchonychia, it is best to arm yourself with patience and wait until the nail grows enough to cut the area where the spot is. In the meantime, the followers of the dark colors of varnishes can also cover their nails to conceal the white lesions.

If you observe a "simple" stain, do not panic because it is probably innocuous, but if you notice a white line across the entire width of the nail, it has certainly been caused by trauma. If this is the case, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

Be careful though because if your nail becomes entirely white or even opaque (leuconychie total), check quickly because it can be a sign of the presence of a disease.

How to prevent leuchonychia?

The best way to avoid this condition is to take care of your nails regularly by using a moisturizer for your hands and nails daily, cleaning them with a special brush, filing them from time to time with a nail file in And by adopting a healthy and balanced diet.

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