Powerful Images Of Fathers Who Support Their Partner During Childbirth

During the 9 months of pregnancy, the mother is usually more involved in baby development. She ensures shelter and nutrition and looks after him. Dads try to participate as much as they can but their contribution remains purely external. During childbirth, on the other hand, the support of future dads to mothers is very important. Photographers have tried to freeze these precious moments of complicity and support between the partners and the rendering is remarkable.

For many women, childbirth is the most difficult and most feared phase of pregnancy. They are generally afraid of complications or problems that may arise, which is why having a familiar face with them in the room can be of great help. And who better than the future dads to accompany them while they give birth to their baby?

For years, future dads simply waited impatiently for the doctor to announce that their baby had come into the world. Today, they have become much more involved in childbirth and can attend.

Obviously, being present in the delivery room or not, remains a free choice of the father. For attending the birth of her child is not always easy for these gentlemen. This is a special moment, which can have a strong emotional impact. Dads feel moved, but above all impatient and nervous. To this is added the sight of blood or other medical operations, things that can mark them.

Thus, many men may refuse to be present in the delivery room for the above reasons or for others. After all fathers do not live pregnancy and even if they wish to be present in all stages, each has limits.

This news, however, is not always well lived by moms, who need the support of their partner in such moments. This is why it is important to discuss this well before the date of delivery. The dad can explain to the future mother what prompted her to make this decision and the latter can in turn reassure and convince her or accept her decision. His refusal does not in any way make him a bad father, because he can perfectly share the same emotions that even while being outside the room.

The presence of the father during childbirth: what role?

Few women want to be alone during this intense experience. Thus, the presence of future dads during childbirth can enormously reassure them and provide them with the moral support they need.

The main role of men is to take care of their partner, being attentive and above all very supportive. They must be present and accompany them during all phases of childbirth.
Some will just hold their partner's hand and reassure her with sweet words, others will encourage her and give her strength to continue, while others will act as an intermediary between her and the team Which can greatly facilitate the task.

Future dads are not obliged to cut the umbilical cord or watch the expulsion of the baby. They can simply put themselves at the level of the mum's head and support it.

This is to say that the presence of the father during childbirth is very important. Besides, different photographers have devoted work to this special moment that both partners share. Through the pictures taken, they have fixed these moments of pure love and support. Men who hold their partner's hand, encourage them to make more efforts or congratulate them for their courage. So many moving images, to be discovered hereafter:

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