The Best Way To Achieve Orgasm, According To Women

Gender inequalities are at the center of many topical subjects, the world of work, wages, rights, but very rarely are there any differences concerning orgasm. Only 30% of women reach the seventh heaven against 74% of men.

Indeed, men and women are unequal to orgasm and it is mainly for physiological reasons. According to medical specialists, male orgasm is systematic. When he ejaculates, the man secretes hormones that plunge him into a period of rest; He will either fall asleep or go take a shower.

Men can reach orgasm in a few minutes while women need more time to get there, hence the importance of preliminaries. In man it is essentially physical, but in woman desire is also related to the psychic: if it has the least concern in mind it will have difficulty to let go and reach the climax. On the other hand, once the orgasm is reached, the woman enjoys it longer because it can last between six and sixty seconds against a few seconds for the male orgasm.

Some women have decided to share their experience on the blog How to make me come which means how to make me reach orgasm. This is an anonymous blog that allows women to express themselves, because after all nobody is better placed than a woman to deliver the secrets of female orgasm.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight the desire pleasure of the woman who is often ignored, underestimated or misunderstood. The fact that a large number of women agree to talk shows that this is something they care about and that they are not ashamed to talk about it openly.

Here is a short summary of the best advice regarding female orgasm given by ... women!

Be patient and focus attention

The duration to reach orgasm varies according to each person and the context, it can take two minutes or an hour or more. Gentlemen, it is therefore essential to be patient and to take pleasure at the same time that you obtain it.

Some women admit that it takes a lot of time and they even need to masturbate for 45 minutes before climbing to the seventh heaven; Others admit that when it comes to female orgasm, the secret is patience!
Be Sweet

In biology class, we study the different processes of reproduction as well as anatomy man / woman but there is no course that stipulates how to melt a woman of pleasure. As a result of the races, many men still do not know how to go about it and lack tact when it comes to caressing a woman and stimulating her erogenous zones.

There are 8,000 nerves connected to the clitoris, so it needs to be gently caressed in order to be stimulated progressively.

A woman addresses all men in the blog by asking them to have respect for her clitoris, to cover it with sweet kisses before caressing it subtly and especially to go there smoothly!

Embrace it constantly

For an unknown reason, as soon as the rhythm accelerates during intercourse, men cease to embrace their partner. Yet this is a mistake because the mouth is an erogenous area in the woman who needs to be constantly stimulated to increase desire.

A woman testifies and emphasizes the importance of kisses during love. The fact that a man takes the time to embrace him during love shows not only that he does not consider it a mere vagina but will excite him even more.
Ask her what she really wants

Many men continue to act abruptly and clumsily because they are persuaded to have the best method and refuse to hear the remarks because of their oversized ego. Faced with this, women do not always dare tell them what is wrong and what needs to be improved.

Gentlemen, be more up-to-date and learn to communicate to find out what your partner wants and what she needs to have fun.


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