Expenditures Around The World

We all eat ... but not the same things! Proof is, this incredible photographic reportage realized in the four corners of the world in twenty different countries. It makes us physically realize just how much our food and family habits vary from place to place! A real precious masterpiece.

The creator of this testimony is Peter Menzel. This American photographer had the simple but brilliant idea of photographing dozens of families all over the world posing in front of their weekly food. This project was carried out in collaboration with the author Faith D'Aluisio for the book, Hungry Planet: What the World Eats.

We all know how much money we spend on food each week, but what about families in other countries, especially those less fortunate than us? This photo essay shows an interesting comparison. 

Photo credit: Peter Menzel

Fooding time

As far as the food cause is concerned, these photos speak more than all the statistical charts: the abundance of the western countries facing the poverty of the southern countries is not a novelty but the opposite is obvious. The poorest have a diet rich in nutrients than the Westerners who could afford more fresh products. Both from an economic, sociological and aesthetic point of view, the series of images of Peter Menzel is relevant and allows us to realize that we are not all equal before the food.

In short, the work of Peter Menzel is a wealth of information rich in teachings about the diversity of our contemporary world. Here are the pictures.

Family Food Expenditures Around The World


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