Happy Couples

For any couple, intimacy has a great importance. Moreover, some people consider it a "thermometer" of the relationship and a factor that determines its durability. This is why many couples want to make sure that they are within the norms and that their intimate life can be described as fulfilled. If you are part of these and you are wondering what is the ideal frequency of intercourse in happy couples, we bring you the answer below, along with some tips to improve your experience.

How often do happy couples make love?

Many people, especially men, think that the more intercourse is, the more happy and fulfilled the couple relationship is. Moreover, for some, the ideal frequency would be every day or almost. According to Dr. Acacia Parks, a specialist in positive psychology, too frequent intercourse reduces the quality of the latter and the pleasure felt is also diminished.

According to a study conducted by Amy Muise, a researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto-Mississauga in Canada, and resuming the results of 3 American studies involving more than 30,000 people, the ideal frequency of intercourse would be one week a week to ensure happiness and satisfaction within couples.

It is therefore more important to focus on the quality of the reports more than their quantity. To achieve this, here are some practical tips that are effective and approved by science.

Some tips for a better intimacy experience:

Do you always cuddle at the end of your frolics

With the frantic rhythm of our current way of life, we no longer take the time to savor the moments present. Moreover, even after intercourse, many couples go directly to something else. According to Dr. Parks, what partners do at the end of their antics is very important because couples who take the time to cuddle and stay in each other's arms are more satisfied with their relationship. Besides, she says that strangely, cuddles and kisses are more important for men on the long-term than for women.

Gentlemen, help your women in household chores!

Carrying out the different tasks of daily life is stressful and tiring, especially when only the woman takes care of it. Moreover, in couples where women take on domestic tasks, the level of satisfaction with the quality of the relationship and the intercourse life is at its lowest. The solution is very simple! It's just that Mr. should take the trouble to lend a helping hand to his darling and thus lighten the burden of his responsibilities. When Madame is less overworked, she will have more time to devote and therefore a more active libido.

Talk outside your bedroom

Many people think that the relationship is more fulfilled when the two partners are emotionally closer. It is therefore necessary for them to strengthen their ties by expressing their love regularly to each other and by openly discussing the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship in order to reinforce the former and to correct the latter. Thus, arriving at a high level of understanding and attachment, the couple's libido will only be more on fire and their intimate life more incendiary.

Do not get overwhelmed by stress

According to Dr. Parks, a woman with normal desire can lose interest in pleasure if she has a highly stressful life. Stress reduces her libido and prevents her from enjoying the fun, even if in reality, intercourse would help her feel more relaxed. So it's time to break this vicious circle and find yourself a little time to de-stress in the daytime and relax.

Making Love is your priority, at least, at times

Regular and satisfying is not only beneficial for the relationship but also for physical and mental health. They reduce blood pressure, the risk of heart disease and chronic pain, and help improve mood, sleep quality, and immunity

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