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Nothing more frustrating for a woman than to be as excited as a flea at the thought of abandoning you to the whisper of desire, then suddenly, "flop", Your partner slipped! At that moment, you get a bit upset , and yet in most cases, men also experience this situation with frustration and often shame and guilt. So, how to make your antics last longer and defeat your fears?

The anxiety of erectile dysfunction

To the fantasy of the big-caliber penis, to the order to climb the curtains his partner at any price, is added the spirit of competition, the cult of intercourse performance and the holy grace orgasm. Result: a devaluing libido with consequences often catastrophic.

Exit the pattern "beasts of desire", men are often afraid of not being up to par. Their whole emotional life is summed up in this fateful question: "Do I insure myself in bed? ". Desire and emotionally, men also have their frailties. Many of them worry about the duration of intercourse and are fixing on premature ejaculation, for fear of not being in the race.

In the best of scenarios, the partner should resume dialogue with his man. There are thicker condoms that help self control man and delay ejaculation. In the heat of the moment, simple methods have proved their effectiveness, such as the "stop and go", which consists in warning the woman when it is time to stop completely, when the excitement is at its height and the squeeze , This pressure movement on the glans of the man before an ejaculation.

Micropenes work like any other

Many men suffer from a real mental blockage because of discriminations ... of size, to give pleasure to his partner then becomes proportional to the size of the phallus! However, not to respond to exceptional measurements is not a fatality because many men, who admit to being "fallible", ensure to have a intimacy life completely fulfilled! Small penis can rhyme with great pleasure, if the partner is open-minded, there will necessarily be other ways to reach his foot. In this regard, ladies, the more muscle you will wear, the better you will feel your partner's penis of any size, as well as testing new paths leading to pleasure, positions where you can add a pillow, history To change the angle of penetration, your vagina will appear tighter.

Female orgasm VS male orgasm

If excitement, ejaculation and multiple orgasms are the prerogative of the man, it is estimated that the male orgasm lasts only 6 seconds in men, against 20 seconds in the woman. That is, they are not multi-orgasmic and can not, unlike women, reach the tops of pleasure several times in succession and enter the recovery phase before getting back into the saddle and This is where things can get tough for your jules, and the nympho you are. Especially when one takes its time and the other part to the quarter turn. Feminine enjoyment is as unpredictable as it is fragile. Self-esteem, letting go, trust in one's partner, fantasies, are essential to woman to achieve the acme of pleasure. Men are obsessed with the idea of long, enjoy or enjoy several times. Orgasm is not an end in itself (well if a little) but be sure that your partner will prefer from a distance that you show him sparks for a stealthy time than to train him in a long marathon morose and without end.

Overcoming moments of floating after love

Love is done in pairs, in mutual envy and respect for others. Submission is a concept of another age. Nothing prevents you from dialoguing your desires! Do not swear that by penetration, your libido and that of your partner are not that toys. At the beginning of a relationship, the after coitus is a moment of strange flutter to live. Fixing the roof, counting up to 1000 ... Once the erotic frenzy has passed, you feel either hovering or completely ridiculous, naked one against the other. Whether it's an evening shot or a real crush, the "post-op" can be less annoying over time. Here is the topo: you release the pressure, you breathe a good blow, you make flatteries, then you have the choice between putting back the cover or snuggling nicely in the arms of the other.

Breaking the monotony

The monotony is a kill love, do everything to rediscover your respective enjoyments and give a new breath to your legs parts in the air! The ways of female pleasure are varied and multiple, you will never be at the end of your surprises. Vary the pleasures, improvise, be the heroes of delirious scenarios, thrill you naughty words in the ear ... nothing like to drive away the monotony!


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