Here's How To Have Fun With Your Companion In Bed Like Never Before!

Some apprehensions arise when it comes to sharing a moment of intimacy with our partner, which eventually tarnish our intercourse performance. This is no longer really the foot, or not good enough, no doubt desire knocking on the door. Do not panic, it is not because one has lost from one's superb to the stake that one no longer loves oneself. You are given a few tips to get back into the saddle and breathless or even blow your partner as in the days of the first emotions.

An accomplished intercourse is not restricted to reaching pleasure or leading your partner to orgasm. It also includes complicity, understanding and communication. This is where intercourse performance comes into play, promoting the connection between body, mind and soul between partners. It is essential to find a balance point in terms of fantasies and pleasures between the partners. You will never be told enough, communication is the secret of a desire that does not dull.

Here are some tips to make your intercourse performance fissa and climb to the curtains more beautiful

Eye of the tiger

Looking into one's eyes alone counts for a preliminary. A prolonged look turns disturbing. An undeniable asset of seduction, a look of the corner of the eye. The gaze carries so many messages, it is not for nothing that one says that the eyes are the mirror of the soul.

To fix oneself, eyes plunging one into the other, as if one undressed oneself with the gaze or devoured oneself with the eyes, makes climb the excitation, establishes the confidence and reduces the complexes to nothing. If men open their eyes wide during the intercourse, it is because they need visual support to feed their eroticism.

Place to excitement

Take control of overcoming boredom by exploring new erogenous zones. Touch yourself, titillate yourself, because you have at your fingertips, an inestimable way out of crisis. It makes crazy and tenfold the pleasure. It is not only the penis to delight, the perineum, the penis, the point G, the brake, the testicles, the nipples are all erogenous zones to stimulate. Women appreciate the circular movements on their little love button, just at the entrance of the lips. What better way to achieve nirvana for two.

By way of introduction, to titillate you and give you a desire for hot cuddling presto. We tease ourselves by sending naughty messages, nothing to warm up and better meet late in the evening.

Having it in your skin

Carnal contact changes everything. The duo of bodies, skin to skin, free of any textile will help you to relax and enjoy the moment. In addition, a close embrace generates oxytocin, this happiness hormone that will affect your stress, anxiety and blood pressure.

Off the beaten track

In the kitchen, on the washing machine, in the thickets, the pool of the neighbors left on vacation, in an abandoned cabin, on a creek ... change frame! The bullshit ideas to the forbidden taste and the fear of getting pinned will spice up your intercourse antics.

Sharpen your 5 senses

A more heady fragrance, her tie as a naughty accessory, a feather, a Ylang Ylang oil massage, are enough to awaken the 5 senses and put the boat afloat.

Lubricant to mitigate vaginal dryness

Female excitement is manifested by a vaginal secretion, which serves to facilitate penetration and multiply pleasure. Lubricants arise as an alternative for women who suffer from vaginal dryness. They are either natural based on vegetable oil or stimulants, intended to cause a feeling of warmth or freshness.

Burning Preliminaries

The position of the 69, head spade, cunni for madame, fellatio for gentleman, heats the preliminaries in a turn of kidney. It is enough to be concerto with his half and in agreement with oneself.

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