How You Get Rid Of Underarm Fat Fast At Home
How You Get Rid Of Underarm Fat Fast At Home

A few months in the summer, some people are already preparing and setting a goal: sculpt their bodies to put on the clothes they want. Between the jerseys and the light tops, the complexes are more numerous and the small defects more apparent. Do not be afraid to expose your arms, armpits, legs, belly and accept your body by adopting some good habits.

Why do these folds appear?

Excess weight, poor diet and lack of physical activity mean that the body gets used to storing fat all over the place, which creates unpleasant folds to see. The areas most affected are the abdomen and the armpits, which is of concern to most people and affects them both physically and psychologically. They are discouraged at the idea of dressing as they wish, for fear of feeling uncomfortable.

Here is a list of simple but effective exercises that can get rid of those extra pounds and these unsightly folds in a very short time. You will need a towel and a gym ball. You will notice significant changes in just 3 weeks.

1 - Compression of the ball

Fat under your armpits

This exercise has 3 positions: first, take the ball, stretch your arms and stretch them forward while squeezing the ball with all your strength with your hands. Your back should be straight and your shoulders straightened. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.

Then stretch your arms parallel to the ground and tighten the ball 30 seconds into your hands. Finally, lower your arms slowly and repeat the movements.

2 - Stretching the towel

Fat under your armpits

Take a towel between your hands and stretch your arms parallel to the floor. It's about stretching them as much as you can. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, then take a short break and repeat the exercise 4 times in a row for optimum results.

3 - Stretching with the napkin on the head

Fat under your armpits

Take a towel and raise your hands forward. Remember that your back should stay straight and your shoulders straightened up throughout your movements. This exercise involves stretching your towel as far as you can. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then give yourself a brief rest. Repeat this exercise 4 more times.

4 - The board

Fat under your armpits

To perform this exercise, you must adopt a posture where you have the head down and the elbows bent, in plank position. Keep your back in a straight position and raise your pelvis as much as you can. Stay in this position for 60 seconds if you can, then take a few minutes to rest. Repeat 4 times.

If you want to get results faster, you should practice this drill every other day. The fate of your body is literally in your hands, so it's up to you to play! With a little time and will, you will be able to perform miracles and significantly transform your silhouette.

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