Mom In Bath When Dog Runs In And Bites Arm

Well-known for their loyalty and fidelity, as well as for their powerful instinct of benevolence and protection, dogs are truly the best friends of Man. These animals are ready to risk their lives for their masters, as evidenced by the story of this dog who saved the life of a woman while her house was in flames.

The stories of dogs who often visit the graves of their masters or who do not leave them are numerous and confirm once again the fidelity of these animals. But if there is a history that has marked the spirits, it is that of Hatchi. This dog considered the most loyal in the world, waited for his master for almost seven years at the station after his death. Even when he was adopted by other people, he fled and came to wait for his master in the same place.

This dog is a true example of loyalty and its history is now an integral part of Japanese culture. He was even given a statue in this country.

Dogs are also very famous for their protective instincts. Just take a quick tour on the internet to find many videos where they save their master or do everything to protect them. In the newspapers, stories of rescue by dogs are also multiple and very touching. Among them, the story of Patch, a dog that saved the life of a woman!

Patch, new member of the Davis family:

Nola and Richard Davis are a couple with two children, Clara and Andrew. To make a surprise to these, they decided to adopt a dog they named Patch. When they welcomed him home, Patch was still small, and soon became a member of the Davis family.

Over time, Nola and Richard realized that they may have made a mistake in bringing this dog home, because they did not expect it to become that big. The couple lived in a small, cozy house, with a small garden. So there was not enough space for a big dog.

The parents thought it would be fair to find another home for Patch! Their children, who had attached themselves to the dog, protested, it was out of the question that Patch left them.

Faced with the reaction of Andrew and Clara, the Davis parents decided to wait a few days before making a final decision. But one afternoon, everything changed!

Rescue operation:

It was the day of the 14th wedding anniversary of the couple Davis. Nola, took a quiet bath while listening to music, when Patch entered the bathroom. Surprised to see the dog in the room he hated most, because he took his bath while he does not like water, Nola jumped. But what he did afterwards was even more surprising.

Without biting Nola's hand, Patch grabbed her wrist and pulled her in an urgent way. Deciding to get out of her bath, she wraps herself in a bathrobe and follows Patch.

Once the bathroom door was opened, she was shocked to find the whole house in flames, which was advancing rapidly towards the room where she was. Patch therefore guide her towards the door of the house, always holding her by the wrist.

Nola said he did not let her go and turned around each time to make sure she was still behind him before moving on. When they finally reached the door, safe and safe terrain, Nola saw his car. The first reflex she had was to get back inside the house to get her keys and move her car away so she did not catch fire, but Patch prevented her from crossing the threshold of the door . It grunted and pushed her so she could not get into the burning house. As soon as she took a few steps back and Patch joined her, the house exploded. Patch saved his life, twice.

The family lost everything in this fire caused by a short circuit, and eventually settled in a larger house, spacious enough to accommodate Patch.

For its courageous act, the dog also received a medal of bravery from the American Red Cross.

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