Yasmina Rossi: Secret behind beauty of 60 years old model
She’s 61 But Still Poses for Swimwear Ads,Add caption
There is no age to have a dream body. It seems that this woman has found the secret of a youth almost eternal. Yasmina Rossi has embarked on modeling at an age when fashion giants usually retire. This attractive-year-old who poses for a brand of swimsuit turns jealousy the women with her athletic body and so well preserved.

Yasmina Rossi is a Corsican expatriate in the United States who defies the pangs of time. Beyond her 60th birthday, her dream body has just been chosen to present models of swimwear from an American lingerie brand. Yasmina has chosen it because it radiates health and vitality. This senior mannequin is not at its first attempt and has already posed for the greatest designers including Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent or Marks & Spencer.

Yasmina Rossi is as natural as it is singular, she embodies perfection with her slender, graceful silhouette, her illuminated complexion, her beautiful silver-colored hair and discreet wrinkles, all ready to believe that this model has bathed in the fountain of youth . The secret of a brilliant health is not much to be desired. According to her, healthy eating, practicing a sport and care for skin and hair based on essential oils are her biggest allies.

To remain always at the top of the form, the model has several tricks that she delivers with a good heart.

Organic nutrition and fetish food

Yasmina grew up in Corsica and claims to have always eaten organic since her youth, long before it became trendy. She advocates living in symbiosis with her body and nature and stresses the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. She never takes medicines and eats fresh organic products (vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs and fish).

Yasmina follows no frustrating diet, does not eat processed food and swears only by avocado, which she consumes daily for her intakes of fiber, vitamin B5, vitamin K, copper, folic acid, vitamin B6, potassium, Vitamin E and vitamin C. Avocado helps reduce cholesterol and abdominal fat.

She does not drink sodas or bottled fruit juices and has stopped drinking since menopause. Yasmine has a method to boost her energy: she adds coconut oil and an egg yolk in her organic black coffee.

Frequent skin erosion

The secret of such a smooth skin? Yasmina is an adept of natural products, applying oil to moisturize her skin and exfoliating the body at least once a week with sugar mixed with virgin olive oil.

Play sports regularly and sparingly

Yasmina does not restrict herself to sporting activities that are too rough. She exercises moderately every day and favors yoga and walking by the sea. She also makes squats and pumps to display an athletic silhouette.

The secret of a mane so thick

A cranial massage based on warm grape seed oil, castor oil, argan oil, essential oil of rosemary and mint to activate the blood circulation.

This dean of mannequins confides to have found serenity in the simplest things of life. She advises all women who wish to age well to be in phase with their body, to preserve what nature has given them, without ever camouflaging anything. Yasmina slips in passing never so much liked his appearance as at that age. She feels happier and better about herself than when she was 20 years old. Here is a good example to follow.

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