Trick To Attract Money Into Your Life
A Simple Trick To Attract Money Into Your Life

According to Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine, all elements of life are influenced by the quality of the energies and the fluidity of their flow. Whether it be our physical health, our mental well-being or even our financial income, it is essential to ensure that the energy level passing through our body or circulating in our immediate environment is optimal and that There is no disruptive element hindering its flow. In this article, we will focus on disorder and its negative influence on cash receipts.

We all know that the treatment methods used in traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, etc., are based on the stimulation of meridian points to restore the energy flow in the body and thus rid it Of its ailments and disorders, and allow it to regain optimal functioning.

Moreover, even Feng Shui, which is a landscape art, takes energy harmony into consideration. By instituting precise rules concerning the choice and location of furniture and colors in houses and in outdoor areas, it guarantees the occupants of the latter a good physical state and a better mental peace. Besides, for him, disorder is one of the worst things you can tolerate at home. In addition, harming your mood, it can also impact your financial situation.

Energy and money: what relationship?

As mentioned above, everything is about energy. Thus, the obstruction of the flow of positive energy and the accumulation of negative energies are at the origin of the appearance of different health problems, morale and also money.

In your home, the source of negativity comes from disorder. Leaving clothes and shoes around, not putting the used objects in their place, and letting the dirty dishes pile up in the sink are acts that block the flow of energy, create Confusion and prevent wealth and prosperity from settling in your home.

Facts that have been confirmed by several experts and financial advisors, including the famous Suze Orman, who have personally experienced it. In addition, according to Catherine Ponder, author of several bestsellers in the field of prosperity, we must create an empty space at home where prosperity can be established. It is therefore essential to get rid of all that obstructs your living space.

If you are wondering what this means in practice, here is what you will need to do:

Organize your finances, classifying your invoices, documents, etc. In folders or folders that you carefully store

Regularly clean your house, aerate it and sunlight it to eliminate negative energies,
Give, recycle or throw away anything you do not need, ranging from damaged furniture, unused items .

By making these gestures your daily routine and keeping your interior always clean and well organized, you guarantee an optimal energy flow that will not fail to reflect on your financial situation as well as your mood and the atmosphere prevailing in your home.

Other tips of Feng Shui to attract prosperity and wealth in your office:

To benefit from harmonious energy even within your office, here are some Feng Shui recommendations to follow:

Do not place your chair back at the door to avoid the onslaught of negative energies, without directly putting it face to face. Such a position may subject you to the dominance of the negative energy of people entering your office

Place the desk back to the wall and far enough away from the door. It is also advisable to hang a picture of a water scene or a blue and black drawing on the wall behind you,

Have your family photos on your desktop, to remind you why you want to increase your income

Put a plant in the far left corner of your office.

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