Extraordinary Images Of Human

We all know how pregnancy takes place. But we all want to see and know what happens in the mother's womb and follow the different stages of the development of the fetus, starting from the fertilization of the ovum by the spermatozoa until the moment of the fetus, delivery. To satisfy your curiosity and experience this mysterious life that takes place in the belly of the woman, here are 10 breathtaking images illustrating the beginnings of human life.

Images depicting development of life, before birth

1 - After 4 days of fertilization

Even though the image does not really give the impression, but what you see is the very first form of the human being. Moreover, at this stage, the embryo already has its own genetic heritage which will influence its development throughout the pregnancy, and will accompany it for all life. The gender of the unborn baby is also determined. In addition to showing us an early stage of human development, this image also reminds us that in no case should we reject a person just because it is "different".

2 - At 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy

Measuring just 10 to 14 mm, the nose, mouth and ears begin to take shape. Cardiac activity is also noticeable with between 110 and 160 beats per minute (almost double the average number of beats of an adult) and the blood begins to circulate in the small body. Waves of the brain were also detected a little earlier!

3 - At 7 weeks of pregnancy

4 - About 10 weeks pregnant

All the major organs of the body are operational: the kidneys, intestines, brain and liver are all functional. His arms and legs also begin to bend to take their natural shape.

5 - At 12 weeks of pregnancy

At this stage of pregnancy, the fetal muscles begin to thicken, and so baby will start to stretch and give a few shots, here and there, to his mom. Even though the baby may not feel the baby moving, the baby begins to develop his reflexes and squirm when his mom puts her hand on her stomach.

6 - At 16 weeks of pregnancy

This week, baby is going through a peak of growth. He will soon start having hair and his toenails will also grow. His eyes begin to move under his eyelids and he takes the umbilical cord as a toy, to grab, pull and then push back.

7 - Baby sucks his thumb between 18 and 20 weeks of pregnancy

In addition to being able to carry the thumb to the mouth and suck it, baby now has its own footprints.

8 - At 6 months of pregnancy

At this stage of pregnancy, the baby is able to react to external stimuli such as sounds, caresses and play of light. He will move, kick or increase his heart rate to tell you he's there! Moreover, by drinking the amniotic fluid, he often has hiccups and Mom feels his startles.

9 - Around 7 months pregnant

10 - After 8 Months of Pregnancy

Baby is almost ready to come into the world. He hears and recognizes the voice of his parents and his skin is all rosy. It also begins to have that chubby appearance that all newborns have. Moreover, this fat that he accumulates under his skin is extremely beneficial for him, because it helps him to regulate his temperature after birth.

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