We Now Know The 3 Favorite Positions For Women

Some men can not achieve orgasm during intercourse. On the women's side, the situation is a little more delicate and especially complicated. Because if some women perfectly master the mechanisms that lead them to the seventh heaven and easily reach orgasm, while others amass disappointments after each intercourse. Obviously the mind plays an important role in this, but the positions taken have a say as well.

It must be said that female orgasm has always been a subject of debate and especially of scientific research, in order to determine the mechanisms that make certain women more frequent than others. This is where the classification of pleasures falls into two categories: vaginal and clitoral. Some enjoy only when their clitoris is stimulated, while others can reach the 7th heaven by penetration.

Generally, the intercourse does not always end with an orgasm for women. In reality, only 30% say they have an orgasm during a leg part in the air, according to various studies. Of course, they experience pleasure during the act, but do not always reach the peak, this intense sensation which upsets their senses and plunges them into a state of fullness. And that's a shame !

The problem does not necessarily come from them or their partners, but sometimes from the method adopted. Some intercourse positions are preferred to achieve orgasm.

Here are 3 favorite positions of women, according to a survey of 500 women.

1- The Andromache style:

The method: Madame is astride sir, who is lying on her back. It is she who makes the movements back and forth.

Why it works for her: Without taking into account the pleasure of dominating this position, it also offers Madame the possibility to control everything. By being in this position, it takes the controls, it determines the rhythm, the depth or the angle. Lying down, the man can also give a "helping hand", stimulating the clitoris of his partner for a more intense pleasure.

There are many variations of this position, which leaves no room for boredom. The other advantage of the Andromache is that it is not the most intense for man. This means that the gentleman will hold out longer so that Madame has enough time to reach orgasm.

2 - The doggy style:

The method: The woman goes on all fours, while the man is behind her. This is the preferred position of men.

Why it works for her: great classic, doggy style is not only to satisfy the bestial fantasies of men, but it is also one of the positions that facilitate the female orgasm, provided it is well done. Both partners must be active during the act; The woman moving her pelvis and the man by making controlled movements so that his penis can rub against point G.

The doggy style is excellent for deep penetration, which will delight women who prefer vaginal stimulation. For those who need clitoral stimulation, know that this position is no less advantageous for you. Access to your love button is easy, enough to increase the pleasure.

Small: the fact that the woman is away from her partner's gaze lifts all inhibition. She can be more free and concentrates better on her pleasure.

3 - The missionary style:

Method: How simplicity is often good! The woman lying on her back welcomes her partner between her legs. This position is classic and rather static, unless the woman puts his own and joins the gentleman's movements by lifting his pelvis.

Why it works for her: generally what women appreciate in this position is this intimacy and this contact with their partner. Face to face and hand to hand, they can taste their darling's lips, touch and caress because they have their hands free.

By modifying a little the alignment of their basins, the pelvis of the man must be slightly higher than that of the woman, this gives a better sensation to the woman. Indeed, this modification allows the bones of the pubis of gentleman to touch the clitoris of madame and to rub there. This will allow stimulation throughout the relationship, which can be very beneficial for those who can not reach orgasm without clitoral stimulation.

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