If women remain on the reserve concerning certain questions considered taboo, they tend to break down despite the barriers. O joy! The feminine word is liberated and many dare, less than men, to express their desires. What do we learn about the occult parts of the secret garden of women?

On the other hand, one tends to believe that women are classical in bed and all dream of a cautious lover and gentle, attentive to the conditions of love. This is not always what women are thinking. The buried thoughts related to intercourse can be revealed, according to the erotic imagination of each one, inappropriate even gores. To unravel the mystery of female pleasure, just listen to the confessions of a group of nenettes, disguised as a girl ... No it's for laughing! To the existential question of knowing what women love to bed, we entrust ten answers to you. It's going to move! Word of girl.

Be unpredictable!
From time to time, women would not say no to a mad dose of improvisation. You only have 15 minutes to get to the airport? What are you waiting for? It's time to make him a treat, quickly made, well done! A whirlwind of pleasure in a very short time. That is the effect of surprise. Women love to be caught short during the act. Choose a frame that changes or a naughty gift that will make her blush with pleasure. In short be unpredictable!

Down with low-voltage 
A little bit of brutality in love will not hurt your leg parts in the air. Stop there, far from us the idea of making the apology of violence in love. Desire is an intense and brutal impulse which it is good to express sometimes wildly and animally. Women love wild intercourse where the body seems hungry ready to devour that of the other.

Decipher its codes
You are not a soothsayer that is clear and you do not necessarily know how to do it. Your partner will appreciate you taking the time to ask him what he likes or not, if the cadence suits him, you understand it in a word and you go to explore its erogenous zones by taking pleasure in it Your turn obviously. Communication is the key to a harmonious couple.

Express the desire, yes but not all the time
"A quick blow to take away please!" Do you believe in fast intercourse? If this form of frolics has bad press, there is enough. The vast majority of women will tell you to prefer to take their time under the duvet. Intercourse in a hurry, squeezed, sloppy frustrating and unsatisfactory not for her. The ideal is to not abuse anything, nor intercourse slowly and slowly nor fast blows.

Back to the original matrix
If in men the taste for the jig is a matter of life or death. Women, despite the fear of disgust present in the minds of some, will love that you indulge with the same joy and inspiration to kiss intimate until intoxication.

Touch it, tap it
Do not be selfish and do not zap this step, so helpful to the woman to make the pleasure go up. Put master in the art of unfastening the bra, in the black and one hand with subtlety. Unwrap your jewelry delicately without damaging the woman's attention to look after her outfit. A sensual exposure that will gently raise the temperature ... under cape.

Love is in the meadows
If the routine has its charm, the adventure has its spice. You do not have to miss tricky ideas to make love. A hotel, on a secluded road by car, a tent, a fisherman's hut, there is not only the seedy bed or sofa!

A gourmet awakening for your partner
She will not admit it to you but will want to take her foot early in the morning. Just let her get rid of any semblance of foul breath and look cooler and hop to the cleat!

Excite your senses
Circular touches, friction, tender kisses on the neck, massage oil pearl on the butt line ... Nothing like to bring your companion to the height of excitement.

Cuddling session
After having made love, the woman needs you to show her your affection. You, most of the time, you turn to the side or go to the toilet. Couples who exchange caresses and beings after love are judged as happier and more libido fulfilled, that's an argument!

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