What Your Eyebrows Say About Your Personality! Never Judge Those With High Eyebrows!

The shape of your eyebrows reflects certain traits of your character and speaks volumes about your personality. They are an integral part of your look and face and showcase them. The slightest of their movement is revealing as soon as there is a frown or a shrug, your interlocutor is likely to guess your thoughts and emotions.

Each eyebrow has a different curve, whether straight, pointed, low, high or curved, allowing the eye to be interpreted according to the way they surround the eye. Subconsciously, you tend to pinpoint a person's mood and character according to the shape of his eyebrows and are able to know whether it is joyful, angry, sad, romantic or gentle.

Priya Sher is a Feng-Shui expert who defines the eyebrow as an essential indicator of the analysis of a person's personality and behavior.

Each form of eyebrow expresses one or more character traits of a person, here is what they mean:

Right eyebrows

Just like your eyebrows, you are a straight person, whole with feet on the ground and endowed with a strong character. Your solidity inspires trust and encourages your entourage to seek your help and support when needed. You are not the type to make decisions on a whim or to spontaneity, you prefer to think about rested head before deciding anything and reason in a logical way to the detriment of your emotions.

Sharp eyebrows

People with sharp eyebrows display ambition and competitiveness and have a temperament of leaders who want to succeed and who do not stand the test of failure. If you are part of it, you like to go ahead, you are insightful, have a sense of observation and are able to make the right decisions quickly. This does not stop you from knowing how to amuse yourself when it is necessary and to let you go to moments of relaxation with your close relations. You have a great sense of humor and trust your intuition and your emotions to guide you.

Low eyebrows

A person with a low eyebrow often appears sad and withdrawn, but this is not the case, she is open to others, sociable, good-natured and likes to enjoy the presence of her entourage as soon as she has the opportunity. His company is very appreciated for its positivity and its joie de vivre. Very faithful in love and friendship, she knows how to be concerned when it comes to supporting her loved ones whether it is to achieve a goal or in case of a blow.

High eyebrows

A person with high eyebrows tends to look haughty and pretentious, but that is not the case. On the contrary, she is rather shy and has trouble opening up to others. It is a lone wolf that tends to live in its bubble and who prefers its loneliness to the company of others because it has great difficulty to get used to it and feel a discomfort to their contact. Even if they are not sociable, these people show good taste and perfectionism which prompts them to choose their friends selectively.

Curved eyebrows

If your eyebrows are curved this means you are perfectionist and very observant nature. You have the attention to detail, are a gentle, caring and caring person. A category of people with such eyebrows are artistically talented and creative in their daily lives. They are perceived as being original and having a grain of madness.

It is also possible to analyze the personality according to the length of the eyebrows:

Short eyebrows reflect some difficulties in managing stressful situations and refusing confrontation.

Long eyebrows reveal people who know how to keep calm and have no trouble resolving conflicts.

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