10 Things That Men Want That Women Need To Know

Contrary to the clichés in which men are locked up, these gentlemen have many other claims than to be pros of the Kamasutra. In order to beat the received ideas, focus on those simple, basic things that tickle men. There are those you already know, others you suspect, but also what you do not expect! Thinning in 10 points.

Before wanting to take his partner to the seventh heaven, it would be better to ask how to entrust him to better taste it. Male libido is much more emotional than you think. Women should deploy treasures of imagination to sharpen the desire of a man, who does not dictate and does not activate himself with such and such a position. Both men and women need to be put in trust, covered with praise, touched, caressed. Mass has been said.

Flatter his ego

Ponder his personality, all that makes his singularity, try to perceive what makes him sensitive and moves him. Stand out from the crowd and do not compliment him on his apollo physique, but on his altruism, integrity, and resourcefulness. Avoid compliments boat, dose them, while subtlety. The effect will only be more troubling and the man will double the efforts to better impress you.

Men understand intimacy

The idealization of men for the female desire can sometimes be paralyzing and revealing buried fears, which go back to their youth. The fear of this coveted and long-awaited moment explains why men enter into intimacy, groping. Hence the importance of the preliminaries, which make it possible to take the time to know one another, to strip and to explore.

Men love intercourse in rough way

Exit low tension desire, cushy and monotonous. A little savagery in your frolics would give the greatest pleasure to your man. Desire instincts are not synonymous with violence or degradation for ladies. Men want to respond to this brutal and primary drive, do not run for them and do not put you off, on the contrary, take as much pleasure.

Men love to sinking into their Fantasm imagination

Fantasies are an area of freedom that takes us out of the grip of routine. Men love desacralized intercouse, to the devil diktats, They want the transgressive, the torrid, the unexpected, the libertine extravagances. If his trips complicate you, you scare or disgust you, rather than reject everything and be refractory, listen to his desire, set your two rules, everything is played in complicity!

Men love dirty talk

Let's talk about dirty talk! This is one of the greatest pleasures enjoyed by a man, to hear dictating instructive crumble to you to scream at his name at the top of his voice, gives him the impression of being a rock star or Rocco Sifredi acclaimed by Groupies in ecstasy.

Men would like us to focus on other erogenous zones
To make them shudder, their phallus is not the only erogenous zone, stimulate their crown, rod, purses but also do honor to their buttocks, neck, ears, lower abdomen, torso, perineum, all equally rich in Nerve endings. Satisfied hunger.

Men love the frankness

A perfect harmony passes first through frankness and honesty. We are all vulnerable when it comes to expressing our pleasure failures and confessing our anxieties. Prepare the ground by talking and putting the finger on the origin of the evil, face the difficulties serenely, you will come out grown and more welded than ever.

Men love "provisional release"

For some men, the maintenance of desire requires a certain distance or the freedom to enjoy a "distinct intercourse", a pleasure habit that does not include the other without betraying it. In sum, it depends on your degree of tolerance and the acceptability of the thing.

Men love to enjoy the pleasure of watching x movies

And they do not hide from it. They admit that some scenes more pleasant than those questionable, evoke fantasies, they identify with it, it relieves them of an urgent desire for intercourse.

Men see love as a celebration

This is a well-received idea that has good days ahead: men do not like intercourse in term of mechanical practice. For men, making love is a feast, a firework display, a parade that is good to celebrate with its tender. Understand that it should never be relegated to second-class activities.

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