Things You Do Not Know About Orgasm

Length of pleasure, location of G-spot, clitoral or vaginal orgasm, health benefits ... what do you know about female orgasm?

10 things you do not know about orgasm:

1 - Orgasms can relieve pain:

During orgasm, endorphin is released. This wellness hormone acts as a natural analgesic, which reduces pain!

It is true that the analgesic effect of orgasm does not last long, but scientific studies have shown that even visualizing desire scenarios can overcome pain.

2 - The condom does not affect the quality of the orgasm:

The use of condoms does not affect the quality of the orgasm. According to Debby Herbenick, American author and professor at Indiana University, women are equally likely to achieve an orgasm with or without a condom. She also adds that protecting allows couples to extend the relationship a little longer, because the man does not need to withdraw quickly for fear of ejaculating sooner.

3 - Many women can not reach orgasm

According to Planned Parenthood statistics, 1 in 3 women can not reach orgasm and 80% of women find it difficult to penetrate only by penetration. The stimulation of the clitoris during the report greatly facilitates the orgasm.

4 - Locating point G can facilitate orgasm:

Do you know where your G spot is? This famous point of supreme enjoyment!

For several years, this part of the female genitalia has been put forward as the key to reach more intense orgasms, because it would be rich in nerve endings. But it should be noted that this subject remains very controversial.

While British researchers claim that G is a pure invention, American researchers have concluded that it really exists. According to them, it is located at the back of the perineal membrane. Taking these facts into account, specialist educators recommend that women find their G-spot!

5 - Orgasms are better with age:

Advancing in age has certain disadvantages, but be aware that your intimacy life will not complain. Indeed, according to Debby Herbenick, the quality of orgasms improves and their frequency increases with age.

A survey corroborated these facts. While 61% of women between the ages of 18 and 24 had an orgasm the last time they had a relationship, 65% of women in their thirties and 70% of women in their forties and fifties had reached it.

It can be inferred that women become more experienced with age, know their bodies better and have more confidence in themselves.

6 - Women who vary the pleasures in bed have more frequent orgasms:

If you have difficulty reaching orgasm during a relationship, try to vary "activities". Debby Herbenick says it's easier for a woman to have an orgasm when intercourse contains several acts. For example, a vaginal penetration plus oral would be linked to higher chances of reaching orgasm.
This can be explained by the fact that the relationship will last longer and the woman will have enough time to enjoy.

7 - A woman's libido confidence affects the quality of her orgasms:

According to scientific studies, the quality of a woman's orgasm is related to how she sees her genital organ. Lisa Strern, a nurse practitioner, says every vagina is different and there is not a perfect organ! As long as there are no abnormal losses or any other problems, there is nothing to worry about or feel embarrassed. Increase your orgasmic potential by increasing your confidence in you!

8 - There is an inequality in orgasm:

Although rare, some men find it difficult to achieve orgasm, while on the female side, this problem is more common. Many women say they do not have orgasms during intercourse when their partner believes they have reached it. The solution ? Debby Herbenick says that the more the woman is in her skin and learns to know her body, the easier it will be for her to reach orgasm.

9 - Orgasms can occur without genital stimulation

The stories of women who reach orgasm without voluntary genital stimulation are many like sitting on a train or during a massage. According to Lisa Stern, the causes of these spontaneous orgasms are increased blood flow to the genitals and contact of a material with the clitoris.

10 - It takes time:

Many women take longer to reach the 7th heaven than men. According to statistics, the majority of them need at least 20 minutes to get to enjoy.


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