5 Things That Give An Orgasm To A Woman

Enjoyment, ecstasy, pleasure ... as much name to describe this sensation of supreme pleasure that is orgasm and which is so coveted. Female orgasm is known to be laborious. Men must therefore be patient so that their partner can enjoy this moment of pleasure and must above all use the right techniques! Here are 5 things to do to increase her chances of having an orgasm.

The object of various researches, source of myths and subject of debate, the enjoyment feminine has always attracted interest. Clitoral or vaginal orgasm? Why do some women happen to enjoy more often than others? How to make it more enjoyable? So many questions that sometimes remain unanswered!

Gentlemen, if you want to help your partner achieve orgasm more easily, here are 5 things to do:

1 - Make compliments on his body:

Receiving compliments is always nice but they are even more appreciated in bed. Many women do not manage to overcome their complexes and do not feel well in their bodies. This negatively affects their libido, because the more they restrict themselves, the less they take advantage of the moment and the less likely they are to reach orgasm.

Making compliments on their bodies during the act, could therefore help them gain self-confidence and especially let go. Empty of all inhibitions, their libido will be more fulfilled and their orgasms more frequent.

2 - Increase the temperature:

As the excitement increases, the body temperature rises. It is therefore quite logical that raising the temperature of the room, will put it in the best conditions and arrangements in order to achieve orgasm.

Moreover, if the woman is cold, there is a good chance that she can not concentrate on the act, since it is disturbed. So put all the chances on your side!

3 - Extend the preliminaries:

Women often blame men for skipping steps in bed! Passing kisses to direct penetration is not really the plan to follow to make it enjoy! It should be known that unlike men, women need more time for the excitement to rise. It is true that after a few minutes of games, men often want to go straight to the goal, but to put it in condition it is important to make the preliminaries last.

Depending on your preferences and those of your partner, alternate between hugs, kisses, hugs, oral and other naughty games. Be creative and be patient. If you succeed in prolonging the preliminaries long enough to the point that she asks you to take it right away, know that she is on the rails of orgasm

4 - Put a condom:

Wearing condoms is also an avenue to explore to increase women's chances of reaching orgasm. The condom is indeed liberating for women. They feel safe and less at risk for unwanted pregnancies.

In addition, the majority of condoms on the market are lubricated. Obviously better lubrication means more intense stimulation and better sensations.

5 - Try the technique of coital alignment:

Although her designation is very technical manual, coital alignment is a position that increases the chances of having an orgasm in women, especially in those who need clitoral stimulation to achieve it.

In order to realize this position, the two partners must put themselves in the position of the missionary. The woman welcomes her man between her legs, except that contrary to the classical position where the basins are aligned, here they are slightly offset.

The pelvis of the man must be placed a little higher than that of the woman. And rather than focusing on the going and coming of penetration, the man will have to ensure that the bones of his pubis rub against the pelvis, or more precisely on the clitoris of his partner.

In this way, the woman will feel clitoral stimulation throughout the act, along with the sensations that penetration provides.
This technique is therefore ideal for women who need a double stimulation and makes it easier for men who can not coordinate clitoral caresses and penetration.

There are a few variations of this position, in which the woman places a pillow under her buttocks to improve the angle

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