9 Places To Touch A Woman And To Make Her Go Crazy For You
Places To Touch A Woman And To Make Her Go Crazy For You

What distinguishes the perfect tamer from desire from a lambda lover? Erotic zones and the art of doing it! Every clever man of his hands must know that making a woman crazy with desire is not reduced to titillating her breasts or her secret lair. To raise the temperature, during the preliminaries or the frolics, kisses and touches targeted have their effect. Still need to know how to go about it and where to linger? Follow the guide !

The excitement arises differently from one individual to another, stimulations, erotic words, touches and atmospheres serve as the mouthing of love. Woman as well as man, draws its excitement into the different parts of the body, these sensory receptors that maximize the sensuality of emotions and multiply the pleasures of touch. The female body is an incredible treasure map that leads on the road of pleasure and orgasm. Touch it, here and that way, it will do him a great crazy.

Open Sesame

Attention, the inside of the thighs is a sensitive area that does not receive the attention it deserves, perhaps because it is a little too close to the goal. Hot breath, kisses and light bites are welcome. Let your partner touch this part of your fingertips, draw an imaginary track, and make a move to this delicate skin until you chill to the depths of the kidneys, desire goes up and you are waiting for what go follow…

Touch me in the hair

What an ecstasy to let your hand pass in the hair and take pleasure that a divine massage of the scalp provides. Did you know in passing that at the top of the skull nestles a point that boosts the excitement? You have to claim these preliminaries a little more often, the pleasure is all the more irradiating when the lobe and the hollow of the ear are excited by the light breath of your tender and the words of love that it sends you. As a first feast, it relaxes and it puts it in condition.

Croak me, Dracula!

As you are told, there are no wise things in the neck, there is nothing more erogenous. Take the time to cover with kisses the neck of your tender and dear, offering that she tends to you obediently, as if to tell you crush me Dracula. It is bestial and capsizing, the "neck" of lightning guaranteed!

The clavicle also loves to be flattered

Certainly the area is somewhat limited. But this is no reason not to dwell on it. One would never have suspected it, but this place, prolongation of the neck, where the skin is thin and sensitive unleashes its passions ... To make it climb to the curtains, shake delicately, with large reinforcement of multiple kisses and velvet suckers.

The ballet of improvised 

Here are exciting beginnings that become clear ... You feel this desire that radiates from your shoulders to your arch? Your darling's hands, light and light, improvise touching running along your bare shoulders, they are more pressing and penetrating in your flesh, pianotating and drawing arabesques in the hollow of your kidneys. You feel your blood warm and those flashes of desire that would crush you?

Exquisite area to cuddle

One would think that these protected zones are connected by an invisible wire to the clitoris, so much the excitation can carry the woman to the nudes. She will be delighted to fall under the agile hands of the wise lover. The walk becomes uncommon and sinuous. The skin is glabrous and fine, receptive to the slightest touch, maddened and ecstasy. It may not sound like that, but it's very exciting.

Call to Desire

It is a classic that will not fail to make it take off. Some like licks in the ear, others hate. At the risk of having a taste of cerumen in the tongue, linger rather more on the back of the ear and the helix (upper contour). Electrical discharges assured!

Game of hand, game of rascals
 Get to know why excitement can sometimes take you by the palm of your hand. This is where everything should start. The more the lover does not go with the dead hand, pressing and massaging this unsuspected sensory receptacle, the more the woman will let herself go to unspeakable sensations.

I take my foot

There is no need to be a fetishist to flatter this area, mistakenly relegated to the infirm rank. The feet are formidable erogenous zones with sensory endings nervous, to explore without taboos or gene. According to Chinese medicine, the plantar arch corresponds to the genital organs. Massage this part firmly, and you will only have to take your foot

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