Morning Erection

The morning  Erection you know what it is? It is this morning reflex of your body, while synchro with your half that emerges from the sleep. Let those who are not entitled to it in the morning be reassured, this mechanism has nothing to do with the will of your man. These morning erections are therefore more mechanical than erotic and are simply a sign of good neurovascular and vascular functioning.

What makes the brave soldier in good spirits and barely open his eyes? If some women see evidence that their partner wants to make love in the morning, the explanation is actually nothing frightening.

The morning Erection , what is it?

Scientifically speaking, it is a nocturnal penile tumescence, translate a morning erection, neurological and vascular phenomenon, which occurs on average 3 to 5 times per night or on awakening and lasts about thirty minutes and which proves that the libido and The organism of man are in perfect working order, even when the mind does not think of intercourses.

Concretely, the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis allows the blood to irrigate in mass the penis. Its hardening and stiffness are due to the compression of the valves which regulate the blood flow. Erection can also flex when there is no erotic stimulation.

How to explain these morning glories that appear without excitement of any kind? We take stock!

You do not need to cook your partner to make a confession, he is not in the process of frolicking with Kim Kardashian or his ex in a dream. Contrary to popular belief, the bumps in the underpants are not necessarily associated with suggestive dreams. Simply press against the pillowcase or mattress or as the desire brushes over the sheet, causing excitement.

As the proverb says, morning club, pee without hands. Ejaculation and urination can not be played in pairs. Which explains why the erection falls after a passage to the toilet.

Everything happens during the night, during the paradoxical sleep. A man crosses three to 6 phases every night. His body is at rest, but his brain has an entirely different program, rhythmic of incoherent movements of the eyes (Rapid Eye Movement in English), a current in the brain that encourages reverie, and relaxation of the muscles.

This morning emotion is essential to ensure the oxygenation of the tissues. In addition, your sap may also be due to a testosterone peak and a bladder ready to explode.

Erection on the march, the man feels virile ready to honor his spouse as it should. It must be said, coitus is not obligatory, unless, of course, it arouses the couple's desire to take pleasure in two.

If the morning wood is unconscious and mechanical, your sweet may be there for something, it is enough that you fit one to the other, in fetal position so that your bodies touch intimately.

The erection is a reflex action, it is enough that the brain which is the great center of control of the libido sets the tone, so that the machine stands up.

A good night's sleep allows the body to recover and start the day off right. 8 hours of sleep help the man to maintain a high testosterone level, prevent erectile problems and ignite desire urges.

From a libido point of view, women are not generally in the morning and prefer nocturnal frolic, unlike those gentlemen for whom the enjoyment belongs to those who get up early. A shift of desire that causes many problems within couples.

The morning cuddle occurs in all men between three and five times during a night of sleep. Young or old are blessed except those with erectile dysfunction.

A full bladder on awakening causes morning erection, by stimulation of the bladder nerve centers present in the spinal cord and close to those of the erection.

The morning erection is one of the barometers of good health in man. Its absence is not worrying for all that, because these manifestations appear during a particular cycle of sleep, that said, periods of stress, fatigue, bad mood can sometimes make them disappear. But if they persist, this can cover certain diseases. It would therefore be best to consult.

A decrease in testosterone, the main male hormone, usually begins in the late thirties and declines gradually to 60 years. The most common and worrying manifestation of a testosterone deficiency are changes in erection and decreased libido.

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