New Sports For Pregnant Women

The nausea is behind you and you feel in great shape? If you are sporting in nature, it is time to resume an activity. Contrary to preconceived ideas, sport is beneficial during pregnancy, provided you choose your discipline well! Here are some new activities adapted for pregnant women.

The sport will decrease your stress, and you will feel lighter thanks to better blood circulation. In addition, your abdominal strap will be reinforced, allowing a better hold that will relieve back pain. Do it all the more if you are a great athlete because abrupt exercise can increase your weight and lower your morale ... Because every pregnancy is different, always ask your gynecologist for advice before opting for One of the activities listed below. And do not take any risk: at the slightest discomfort or shortness of breath, stop. Of course, you can say goodbye to sports requiring jumps and jumps, or promoting falls, such as team sports, running, horseback riding, climbing, but also motorcycle rides ... Do not despair, New activities are available to you!


The Pilates method combines flexibility, strength and breathing. The result ? A blend of relaxing and strengthening the deep muscles to combine the useful with the enjoyable! There are specific Pilates classes for pregnant women, working the abdominals and perineum, and lowering the pain in the lower back and belly in late pregnancy.

Aerial yoga

The yoga aerial or fly yoga is inspired by the circus and is practiced in suspension on a hammock. This type of yoga is ideal for stretching and softening, and so relieve the pelvis and the back of the baby's weight. It also makes it possible to work all the muscles of the body smoothly, and in safety. The discipline dreamed of to relax and to alleviate the mind!

The stand-up paddle

A calm sea, maximum sunscreen, a foam board and especially someone to carry it, and you are ready to paddle 30 minutes to enjoy the happiness of slipping on the water safely.

This sport helps to strengthen the muscles of the whole body, and in particular, provided to keep straight, abdominal and pelvic belt. To be practiced in early pregnancy, since from the 2nd trimester, the loss of equilibrium is more frequent, thus the risks of falling increased.

The aquabiking

If you are told "sports for pregnant women", you think about what? It's no coincidence that swimming is the first sport that comes to mind; Pool activities are ideal during pregnancy. The latest addition is aquabiking, which combines cycling and swimming, a gentle practice to tone the body and relieve legs and back, improve your breath and do cardio without you realizing it!

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