Drink Cider Vinegar Every Night
Drink Cider Vinegar 
The benefits of cider vinegar are constantly praised. And there are good reasons for that, as you will read. We advise you especially to drink it in the evening before bed for better results.

That said, be careful because of its acidity. First, ask your doctor if you suffer from gastritis, ulceration or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Then, cut it with water, and possibly a little honey, to reduce its acidity. Finally, remember that excessive and prolonged consumption of cider vinegar can damage the stomach wall, esophagus, tooth enamel and mucous membranes of the mouth.

Choose your cider vinegar carefully. Prefer organic, unpasteurized and crafted. Know that to release all its active principles, it must have aged at least 10 months in an oak barrel.

Once these precautions are taken, you can enjoy the many benefits of this unique home treatment:

1 - It relieves nasal congestion
When your nose begins to clog, drink cider vinegar (1 tablespoon) in a glass of cold water before bed. Thanks to its potassium richness, it clears the nasal fossae of the mucus.

2 - It causes the sore throat
From the first signs of sore throat, do not wait. Mix ¼ cup of cider vinegar and ¼ of hot water and use this potion as a gargle.

3 - It helps digestion
If you tend to suffer from indigestion, drink a few sips of cider vinegar diluted in water before meals.

4 - It fights bacteria
It is a kind of panacea against bacteria: those of the common cold, but also nail fungus, warts, lice and earaches. You can also use it as dish washing detergent.

5 - It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
Chlorogenic acid is present in vinegar and is an antioxidant that prevents oxidation of cholesterol particles, a process that is an important factor in cardiovascular disease.

6 - He is fighting diabetes
The cider vinegar reduces at the same time the level of sugar in the blood. If you are diabetic, know that it reduces this rate from 19 to 24% after a meal rich in carbohydrates. The beverage prepared for this study contained 25 ml of cider vinegar, 40 ml of water.

Supplemented with your medications, cider vinegar helps manage type 2 diabetes.

7 - It relieves muscle pain
Whether you suffer from body aches, back pain or any other muscle pain, cider vinegar will relieve you. You can either drink it (always diluted), or add 2 large glasses to your bath, along with a handful of coarse salt that will accentuate its effects.

8 - It reduces acne
To cure your acne, you can use cider vinegar both internally and externally, as it has the effect of balancing the pH of your skin. Simply dilute it in a body of water.

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