The Hidden Truth About The Kiss

Symbol of love and romance, fiery, tender or passionate, the kiss is one of the first gestures of intimacy that a couple shares. An inflamed kiss is perceived as the proof of ultimate compatibility between two people because they seal their attraction (physical and mental) to each other by making their lips meet sensually. The general consensus is that if the kiss goes well, everything will be fine! So why are only 46% of cultures embracing in the romantic sense?

What is the origin of the kiss?

It turns out that the past behind the kiss is not so simple. In fact, it is studied by many scientists called philamatologists. The most widespread idea about how humans began to kiss is that it is an evolution of a system of food sharing between mother and offspring.

In this system, the mother chews the food and passes it from her mouth to that of her child. Yes, we give it to you, it's a little strange! But according to researchers, this rather sickening practice has resulted in kissing which is a way of forging ties and expressing one's love.

Another point is that a baby knows love and security through the pressure of the lips in stimulation, such as when he drinks milk directly from his mother's breast or a bottle. These experiments indicate that important neural pathways associate the kiss with positive emotions. In other words, they provoke positive associations, so that later sensations lead to positive emotions.

When these babies grow up, how do they use the "sacred kiss" to make good decisions? It turns out that the kiss acts as a messenger, a kind of acolyte that reveals important information about a potential partner. It allows the transfer of chemical messengers in our bodies called pheromones, facilitating attraction.
When pheromones get involved

For many people, a missed kiss is synonymous with bad alchemy, and for many others, it is a reason for rupture. A study in women shows the biological power of pheromones to influence our decisions.

Pheromones also tell us beforehand whether mating with such a person will give rise to healthy infants. In one study, a group of women were asked to feel shirts belonging to different men, and to say which they felt most attracted. It turns out that they preferred men with a major histocompatibility complex (MHC) different from their own. MHC refers to a group of genes involved in the immune system. Different MHCs mean greater variability of genes, which generally increases the chances of making healthy babies.

Some benefits of the kiss for your couple

So the heat is real (and pheromones too), but what about cultures where you do not kiss? Well, they do NOT have to kiss people to feel their pheromones, you can just sniff them. This may sound strange though. Moreover, there are so many advantages that accompany the famous fuck ...

According to evolutionist biologist Helen Fisher, embracing adds attraction between two people. This is based on the description of the kiss as mentioned in the ancient Hindu texts, which describes the act of embracing as "inspiring the mind of each one". Modern science tells us that we not only inspire the mind of the other, but also its pheromones. We have, however, the necessary evidence to say that the kiss is for the purpose of intimacy and the creation of emotional ties

The lips are the most erogenous zone of the face, where we feel a lot of sensations, at the slightest touch. Sex drive is guided by the hormone testosterone. Romantic love is guided by dopamine and other hormones that make us feel good. As for the attachment, it is the oxytocin that is responsible for it.

According to Fisher, kissing increases and shares all these hormones between two people, which improves the quality of sexual intercourse and love between these individuals. In addition, you lose 2 to 3 calories per minute of "mouth-to-mouth". So, why deprive yourself

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