This Man Enjoys Spending Less Than 3 Dollars A Year For His Food

William Reid is a movie student at the University of Washington. In August 2014, he stopped shopping at the supermarket for food. Since then, it feeds on the unsold of the same large surfaces that it recovers in their garbage. A committed approach.

Green vegetables, fruits, eggs, rice, pasta ... He eats to satiety. He never suffered from poisoning. Better, he says that some employees give him products that they were preparing to throw away, to avoid getting dirty.

His idea is to denounce food waste in the United States. It should be noted that 70% of households can not afford quality food, while nearly 40% of the food produced there is thrown away. About half of this junk food comes from restaurants and supermarkets, a situation that the young man finds revolting. The demand for healthy food is immense in this country, but the waste is equally substantial. William Reid made a documentary about his experience, in order to denounce the food waste, which was disseminated.

William Reid became aware of this when he became a volunteer for Food not Bombs, which distributes unsold food to food banks. He then said that he could perfectly feed himself without paying a penny. In August 2014, he started preparing his dinners with unsold products and food donations, and then consuming only unsold ones.

For the last few months he has been eating only vegan foods; Not by conviction, but to launch a new challenge: to feed oneself without spending anything had become "too easy" for his taste. Sure enough, finding this type of food proved more difficult, so he lost a few pounds.

However, the student refuses to spend hours looking for food. He says that "shopping" does not take more time than if he went to the supermarket, like everyone else. He managed to shop in just 15 minutes, that is to say the ease of Collect food.

During the two years that his experience lasted, William Reid had to spend 5,20 dollars to feed himself. During a shoot, he found himself stuck one night on Deal Island, Maryland, without having time to make food reserves. So he had to make up his mind to buy a protein bar and a pack of chips, food that did not satisfy him!

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