This Man Managed To Fight The Cancer With This Drink, After The Doctors Lost Hope For His Case

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and deadly diseases of our era. Despite the progress made by modern medicine, both in terms of screening methods and available treatments, there are still cases where it is powerless. Bozo Kojovic was able to overcome two cancerous tumors located in the throat and lungs with only one natural drink. Discover his recipe!

Before talking about this miraculous drink that helps fight cancerous tumors, let's first define how these tumors appear in the body.

Cancer cells appear as a result of the mutation of healthy cells in the body that begin to multiply rapidly and uncontrollably. Taking birth in a specific tissue or organ, they can spread and contaminate adjacent parts of the body (metastasis), hindering the proper functioning of the body and endangering the life of the person suffering from it.

That is why it is important to listen to your body to detect early symptoms of cancer and to carry out regular medical checks in order to benefit from the appropriate treatment and thus increase your chances of survival.

Bozo Kojovic, the man who managed to fight cancer with a drink

As mentioned earlier, modern medicine can sometimes remain impotent despite all its progress, as was the case for Bozo Kojovic, a man from the village of Gorica in Montenegro. Suffering from throat cancer and lung cancer at the same time, this man had to undergo 10 years of anti-cancer treatment and surgeries, without either one being able to give effect.

After the doctors assured him of his minimal chances of survival, Bozo kept hope and decided to continue his treatment, but accompanying him with natural remedies. He therefore changed his eating habits, adopting new, healthier and more balanced, quit smoking and completely banned the alcohol, replacing it with teas.

On top of that, Bozo also incorporated an infusion of dandelion roots into his daily routine, whose anti-cancer virtues helped him tumor his tumors and regain a normal life. How then does this remedy work?

Dandelion roots, a powerful anti-cancer remedy

Dandelion root has long been one of the most common and effective natural remedies. Rich in vitamins (A, B6, C, K ...) and in minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium ...) and possessing diuretic properties, it stimulates the secretion of bile, detoxifies the kidneys and the liver, Reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and improve allergy cases.

In addition, the dandelion root represents a great hope for people with cancer, seen its cytotoxic virtues. Indeed, according to a study conducted by researchers in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Windsor in Canada, dandelion root would have the ability to kill cancer cells in the body without damaging healthy cells, Presents a valuable advantage compared to chemotherapy which destroys everything in its path. It acts by a form of oxygenation or alkalization which causes apoptosis, or spontaneous death of cancer cells, known for their anaerobic character and their preference for acid environments.

The effectiveness of dandelion root infusion has not only been proven in the laboratory, but also in practice, since it has been able to cope with a form of highly aggressive leukemia known as monocytic chronic myeloid leukemia (LMCM).

Dandelion Root Infusion Recipe

To prepare this anti-cancer remedy, it is necessary to extract carefully the roots, to preserve the juice. Once rinsed, take a handful, add to 4 liters of water and bring to the boil. Simmer for a minute, remove from heat, then let cool for about 10 minutes. Filter and add a spoonful of honey. It is recommended to drink several cups a day, depending on the reaction of each body.

People with allergies to asteraceae should consult with doctor.

The information provided on this article is not medical advice, but is for informational purposes only.  Such information does not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  

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