Twin Sisters Reveal The Secret Of A Long Life On Their 100th Anniversary

Around a traditional Sunday meal, family and friends gathered to celebrate a rare event, the birthday of twin sisters answering the name of Rene and Phil. Indeed, the relatives of these two women are all gathered to celebrate their 100th anniversary!

Love and complicity

The two sisters, Irene Crump and Phyllis Jones, who are very close to each other, have always celebrated their most important birthdays together, such as their ninety-second and ninety-ninth birthdays. They attended the same schools and shared their first job before Irene married Samuel Crump, a farmer. Even if they look like two drops of water, they are not real twins, yet they share an extraordinary complicity. As proof, Phyllis gave the name of her twin sister to her second child.

A century of history

Irene, the eldest of the two, and Phyllis were born on November 20, 1916 and currently live in Stourport-on-Severn, in the county of Worcestershire, in western England. Irene explains, "We have always been close to each other and we are currently living together, Phyllis moved into my home 5 years ago."

In shape for their age

Both sisters are in good shape for women who have just completed a century of life. Even though Irene can no longer walk as much as before, her sister, Phyllis continues to walk around the block every day. Irene also explains that having been married to a farmer, she has always been the most "grassouillette" of both and is not as fine as Phyllis.

Unfortunately, Phyllis suffers from vascular dementia, which means that the blood supply to his brain is reduced because of several small strokes. This is why his son Carl and his wife visit him every day to make sure he is comfortable.

A special birthday present

The only thing they wanted for their birthday was that their loved ones donated for the local air ambulance service. Irene said, "We did not want a gift, only gifts. We have not yet collected all the necessary funds but we are thinking of getting there soon because it is something that really matters to us.

But what is their secret?

But how did they manage to reach the hundred years of life saved? For Irene, "all I can say is that working hard and eating properly are our two most important secrets. That's your answer. Having a good attitude and a good diet have helped them become one of the oldest twin couples in the UK.

Rather independent for their age

Longevity seems to be hereditary in their families. For example, their elder sister died in 2006 at the age of 92. Moreover, their husbands also lived until they reached ninety. Samuel (Irene's husband) died in 1999 and Phyllis's husband died in 2006, at age 91. And even if Irene could not have had a child, Carl, Phyllis' son who is currently retired, continues to visit them almost every day to see how they are going. He explains how independent they are, how well they are doing, and in an emergency, they call him.

Of course, they get on well, but according to Carl, "they can also fight, but it's something that can happen both at 100 and 20 years old! "

As similar as different

Although Irene and Phyllis are very close, Carl highlights some of their differences by saying "they are completely opposed, Aunt Rene has always been very methodical and meticulous, while my mother always runs in every direction to do something" .

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