Warning! This Little Girl Lost Her Beautiful Hair After Using A Popular Hair Product

To have beautiful hair and be able to make beautiful hairstyles, women and girls generally tend to use multiple hair products. Masks, serum, styling mousse, etc. Always find a place in their beauty routine. However, many of them neglect to read the ingredients of their hair products, which sometimes causes devastating effects on their hair, like the young Eliana Lawrence who made the unfortunate experience. Here's what happened to him!

Hair products, and cosmetics in general, must be chosen with great care. Despite the many advertisements that show breathtaking results, the reality could be quite different. The high content of these chemicals can have serious repercussions on the quality and health of your hair as well as on your body. To bring you closer to the dangerous effects of these products, here is the real story of Eliana Lawrence who lost her pretty red hair following the use of a very popular hair product.

Radical hair loss

Eliana Lawrence is an 11-year-old girl from Colorado, United States. Towards her 9th birthday, the little girl began using a very popular hair product to sublimate her pretty red hair. However, the results were far from what was expected. Indeed, at the end of the 3rd application, the hair of Eliana began to fall in clumps. As if this was not enough to impact the psychology of the little girl who believed she had cancer, her classmates also began to make fun of her, which prompted her to leave school to pursue Her schooling from home.

The culprit is the famous Wen Hair Care, created by the famous hair stylist Chaz Dean and recommended by American actress Brooke Shields. Supposed to be natural, this product caused severe side effects in the baby girl, as well as in thousands of other users, including severe hair loss, baldness, rashes and irritation and itching Of the scalp.

In fact, they are still wondering how a product with such devastating side effects could be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They therefore filed applications with the company, requiring the removal of this dangerous hair product from the market. But instead of complying with this more than legitimate demand, and thus limiting the damage, the Agency's response was more than disappointing. It asserted that it did not have the power to recall the products of private individual companies, and that it was for them to do so.

Not being satisfied with such a lack of responsiveness, the girl turned to two Colorado senators to encourage them to support the so-called "Personal Care Safety Act", which aims to strengthen supervisory powers Of the FDA on cosmetic products and their components, and to give it more powers, especially to recall any cosmetic product considered dangerous.

Today, even though Eliana Lawrence's hair has begun to grow back, it still keeps completely bald parts on her scalp, due to her permanently damaged hair follicles.

To conclude, it is strongly recommended to take the time to read the labels of the various cosmetic products used, in order to detect any allergenic or toxic components. Stay tuned to your body and immediately stop using your cosmetic product in the event of a negative reaction, such as the appearance of redness, irritation, itching or rashes.

It is also advisable to turn to healthier alternatives, home care prepared with natural ingredients very effective and safe for health.

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