Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

Most of the food we buy ends up in the garbage, either because we buy more than we need, or because we do not store them in the best way for them to be better preserved. To avoid this food and economic mess, here are 10 tips to keep your food as long as possible.

Tips To Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer:

1 - The eggs:

If you have a stock of raw eggs at home, which you will not be able to use on time, you can still freeze them. Yes, it is possible to freeze the eggs. All you have to do is put them in ice cube trays! Beat them so they have a liquid texture and place them in the freezer. If you are to separate the whites and yellow from the egg, this tip is also convenient for that. However, add a pinch of salt or sugar to keep the egg yolks well and prevent them from becoming gelatinous.

Eggs can be stored up to 4 months in the freezer.

 Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

2 - The milk:

Just like eggs, pasteurized and sterilized milk can also be frozen for a period of 6 months in its original container. Place your milk in the freezer and use it when you need it. To defrost it, put it in the refrigerator rather than in a place at room temperature.

 Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

3 - Onions:

Here is a trick a little original to keep the onions! Place them in pantyhose by making a knot between each onion and hang them on the ceiling or any top surface. In this way, your onions will be able to breathe better and will not be crushed which will allow better conservation.

 Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

4 - The tomato sauce:

Nothing could be easier and more convenient than pasta with tomato sauce when you do not have too much time. So prepare a good amount of tomato sauce and keep it in the fridge for the lazy evenings. All you have to do is put your sauce in plastic bags and place them in the freezer, once it begins to harden, draw lines with the non-sharp part of your knife to divide it In sufficient quantity for each use. When you need it, you just have to break a piece of sauce and that's it!

 Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

5 - Minced meat:

To freeze the minced meat, you can proceed in the same way as for the tomato sauce. Put it in a plastic bag, divide it into ample servings and in the freezer!

 Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

6 - Bananas:

To keep bananas as long as possible, separate them and wrap food film on their stems. They will remain cooler and will not darken.

Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

7 - Herbs:

There is no better than herbs to raise the dishes and give them more taste. Only, when they are fresh, they do not preserve themselves for long. But do not panic, we have the solution!

Simply chop the herbs (parsley, rosemary ...) roughly and place them in an ice cube tray that you will fill with olive oil and freezer.

Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

8 - Lettuce:

Lettuce is better when it's still crisp! To retain its texture, wrap remaining lettuce in absorbent paper and refrigerate. The paper will absorb moisture and will keep it fresh!

Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

9 - The cake:

Your birthday cake is almost intact and you do not know how to keep it? It's simple, call for bread!

Simply place slices of bread on the open part of the cake, making sure to fix them with a toothpick. The bread will dry, while the cake will keep the same soft texture.

Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

10 - The berries:

Strawberries, raspberries or blueberries are not preserved for long. To keep them as long as possible, wash with water and vinegar. Fill a bowl with a good amount of water and a little white vinegar. Immerse your berries in it and let it act for a few minutes. This process will not only eliminate bacteria and pesticides but also keep them cooler.

Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh Longer

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