Easy Stretches to Do in the Morning to Feel Great All Day

At the wake-up call, it is not always easy to emerge and get out of bed without feeling muddy and still in the fog. The limbs are still numb, tense muscles and joints need to be stimulated. To remedy this, there is a series of stretches that can be performed at the jump of the bed.

By becoming accustomed to performing certain targeted movements, it is possible to increase mobility and provide the body with the energy it needs to get through the day. Simply set your alarm clock ten minutes early and take the time to perform these exercises to ensure a toned wake up and relax the back, neck and leg muscles.

Make circles with the ankles

Easy Stretches to Do in the Morning to Feel Great All Day

You have to lie down, hold your arms along the body and start by activating the ankles with five rotations clockwise and then in the opposite direction. Start with the right ankle and then chain with the left ankle.
This stretch stimulates the ligaments and tendons.

Bring the thigh to the chest

Easy Stretches to Do in the Morning to Feel Great All Day

Stay elongated and bend your right leg while keeping the heel flat on the mattress. It should be near the right backside. Place the right hand on the right knee and perform five large rotations of the thigh in a clockwise direction then in the opposite direction. Care must be taken to achieve circles slowly. Repeat the same exercise with the left limbs.

The hips and pelvis are released, the posture is stable and the lumbar aligned.

Torsion of the back

Easy Stretches to Do in the Morning to Feel Great All Day

Always in the lying position, keep the back glued to the mattress and flex the left knee. Using the right hand, move the left knee to the right so that the back is twisted. Then stretch the left arm along the body and stretch the wrist so that the palm of the hand is facing the ceiling. Make five inspirations and accentuate the torsion of the back with each exhalation. There is no need to force or provoke pain. Repeat the same movement with the right knee.

This movement allows to activate the lumbar and to soften the spine.

The clamp

Easy Stretches to Do in the Morning to Feel Great All Day

Adopt the sitting position on the bed, stretch your legs and try to touch the toes with your hands. Take five breaths and try to move slowly towards the feet with each expiration.

The tensions felt during this exercise are certainly unpleasant but very effective to relax the muscles and stretch the legs.

Growing up

Easy Stretches to Do in the Morning to Feel Great All Day

Get out of bed and get up. Try to touch your feet with your hands by folding in two, very slowly so that your back is not hurt, and make it rounded. Release the head completely and try to stretch your legs and arms as far as possible. Unroll the body gently to rise without sudden gesture. Then move the arms laterally and place them over the head, with the fingers pointing upward to grow, and arching the back to the back.

Make this movement five times to stretch the back.

The head circles
Easy Stretches to Do in the Morning to Feel Great All Day

Stand upright and twice the head clockwise then in the opposite direction. Rotate the chin over the chest, bring the head towards the right shoulder and then backward before placing it on the left shoulder and closing the buckle with the chin on the chest.

This movement must be done slowly and gently to relax the cervical.

To complete these daily exercises, one must also think about taking the right actions to overflow energy throughout the day:

Take a hearty breakfast rich in essential nutrients, consisting of sugar-free green tea, fresh fruit juice, a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk, a slice of Whole grain bread and a hard boiled egg.
In the shower, finish with a jet of cold water for a few seconds to tone the body and boost energy.
Fill up with vitamin D by exposing yourself to the morning rays of the sun because the luminosity reduces the rate of melatonin, the hormone of sleep.

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