Vaginal Problem

Urinary or gynecological diseases are often difficult to detect. Although their symptoms are clear, it is not easy to know the true cause. Here are 7 signs that should not be neglected! ...

7 warning signs of a gynecological or urinary disease:

1 - Vaginal dryness:

Still considered a taboo subject, vaginal dryness is a very frequent problem. It affects nearly 30-50% of women after menopause and 25% before.

Vaginal dryness manifests itself in daily discomfort, itching and pain during and after the report, due to lack of lubrication of the vagina. As a result, this condition can affect the daily lives of women who suffer from it and greatly affect their sexual lives.

There are many causes of vaginal dryness, including hormonal changes, including decreased estrogen levels, especially during menopause.
Other factors that can cause vaginal dryness include disturbance of the vaginal flora, aggressive intimate care such as the use of vaginal douches or infection.

2 - A frequent need to urinate:

The urge to go urinating feels when the bladder is filled with nearly 250 or 300 ml of fluid. Normally, we eliminate between one and two liters of urine per day, which means 6 to 8 passes to the toilet daily! Obviously, when you consume a lot of fluids, you should expect more pauses.

However, when there is a frequent need to urinate frequently enough, ie more than 8 times during the day and 2 during the night, this means that there may be an underlying problem. Indeed, the frequent urge to urinate may be due to:
  • Loss of muscle tone of the bladder responsible for retaining urine
  • Diabetes
  • The urinary tract infection
  • The intercourse transmitted disease
  • The blockage of the urethra
  • The interstitial cystitis

3 - A strong vaginal odor:

Before talking about the causes of vaginal odor too strong, it is important to remember that it is normal for the vagina to emit an odor. Every woman has her own!

It is therefore useless to focus on this intimate part very sensitive to intimate frost and vaginal shower to get rid of odors, because this will disrupt the vaginal flora and promote the development of infections.

However, you may notice a change in your vaginal odor that is often accompanied by other symptoms such as itching or irritation in this area. In this case, it may be necessary to consult. Indeed, a bad intimate odor can be due to a vaginal infection of parasitic vaginitis type or even vaginosis.

4 - Itching:

Itching in the vulva and at the entrance of the vagina are not to be taken lightly, especially if accompanied by other symptoms such as loss of white color and thick texture.

These signs may indicate diseases of the vulva (infection or inflammation of the vulva, vulvar pruritus or herpes vulvar) or even vaginal mycosis.

5 - Change in urine color:

The normal color of the urine is light yellow, but due to different factors it may be darker or more transparent.

Thus, any change in color, odor or texture may indicate a health problem. Certain foods may change the color of urine such as rhubarb or beetroot, but when it does not, it may be an underlying disease such as liver disease or a problem Bile when the urine is orange or brown.

On the other hand, when blood is found in the urine, it can be a urinary or renal infection.

6 - Unusual bleeding:

Bleeding off period of menstruation is not a sign to neglect. If they are not due to a forgetfulness of taking birth control pills or pregnancy, they may reveal different gynecological problems, namely, uterine fibroid, endometriosis, ovarian, uterine or ovarian cancer. endometrium.

7 - Bleeding after intercourse:

Post-intercourse bleeding is fairly common and can have multiple origins. In the majority of cases they can result from poor lubrication of the vagina and in other cases they are caused by a gynecological pathology:
  • A polyp in the cervix
  • Cancer of the cervix
  • Inflammation of the cervix

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