9 Bad Habits That Women Do During Menstruation! The 8 Is So Dangerous!

As an appointment that one would like to miss, menstruation returns every month, sometimes virulent and painful and often unpleasant, marking the end of a new cycle and the beginning of a new.

Every woman, even new in this very private circle of the bloody "girl power", takes habits that help her to relativize this period and to overcome it. Yet much of these customs and practices are dangerous.

Discover the 9 habits during your periods that you must ABSOLUTELY change:

1- Do not regularly change your sanitary pads

Sometimes you forget to take with you more
sanitary pads, to lack time and to be in continuous action. However, even if you know it, it is advisable to change the sanitary napkin every 3 to 4 hours depending on the intensity of your flow. This will prevent you from being exposed to vaginal infections and the bad odor.

2- Tired yourself physically

You do not spare yourself and do not already have time to take five minutes to change your protection then to rest, certainly not! However, your body requires rest periods during your periods as it helps relieve pelvic pain (or ovarian pain) and recover the energy you need.

3- Practice a lot of sports

From a weight loss perspective, or being one of your favorite occupations, you practice an intensive sport. It is recommended during your menstruation, to reduce the rhythm of your sessions, and to favor the stretching or the cardio.

4- Do not eat enough

In addition to practicing a lot of sport, you follow a diet, or are accustomed to skipping a meal. However, as you lose blood during this period, you are predisposed to anemia and have nutritional deficiencies. Choose a healthy, balanced diet.

5- Eat too much

Conversely, you may feel cravings for fatty, sugary and high calorie foods. Be vigilant about excessive intake of this kind of foods that could lead to weight gain as well as digestive disorders and water retention.

6- Consuming dairy products

It is preferable to limit the absorption of dairy products. They are composed of arachidonic acid increasing the production of prostaglandins. As soon as they are released, they cause contractions of the uterus to increase menstrual cramps.

7- Feeling depressed

During menstruation, it is common to feel depressed due to hormonal changes. However, do not lock yourself in this bubble of depression, listening to depressing music or watching dramatic movies. On the contrary, prefer a humorous series to decompress!

8- Having unprotected intercourse

First of all, know that it is possible to get pregnant at any time of the menstrual cycle, in the case of early ovulation, and that zero risk does not exist. Moreover, the risk of venereal disease increases, which is why you must protect yourself during intercourse during menstruation.

9- Do not sleep enough

Generally, there is a lower quality of sleep, or even insomnia, when the "English land". It is the fault of disturbance of the blood losses as well as the change of body temperature. Be sure to sleep well and in good conditions, by going to bed at regular times. This will allow you to recover the energy you lose, along with the blood, and avoid the backlash a few days after the end of your period.

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