What Is The Purpose Of The Pocket In Women's Panties

You may have noticed the existence of a small pocket in the center of women's panties, but you have surely wondered what they are used for and what their meaning is. Do not look any further, this article explains everything!

This small pocket, which is not there by chance, is in fact a lining which serves to preserve the intimate hygiene of the woman. It is designed to protect this area from bacteria and prevent their proliferation. For better protection, doctors prefer cotton panties and that contain this small pocket.

Protection against bacteria and infections
As explained, the pouch helps to preserve feminine intimate hygiene, as the bacteria grow rapidly in the mucous membranes, thus altering the vaginal flora and causing local infectious diseases.

According to the French College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians, the standard rules of hygiene are quite limited. Wash hands before contact with the intimate parts, wash the vulvar and anal part once or twice a day and give priority to underwear made of natural materials such as cotton.

On the other hand, vaginal douches are not recommended. They promote the growth of pathogenic germs and unbalance the vaginal flora. Indeed, the vagina has a "normal flora" characterized by a large bacterial diversity and composed of microorganisms called "Döderlein flora" which helps to keep the vaginal mucosa healthy. When normal equilibrium is disrupted, an infection can ensue. This intimate and delicate area must be the object of all attention.

Advice and precautions for good intimate hygiene:
  • Change the underwear daily
  • After rinsing the vulvo-vaginal part (do not forget the folds and the cap of the clitoris), thoroughly dry the entire area
  • Wash the anal area to avoid germs and infections to the vaginal area (and always wipe back and forth)
  • Wash underwear at or above 60 ° C
  • After intercourse, always wash your hands and the genitals
  • During the menstrual period, change your towel or pad frequently (do not exceed 4 to 6 hours)
  • Use soaps without dyes or perfumes and avoid antiseptics and disinfectants that unbalance the flora
  • Cut short pubic hair thick to avoid odor problems
  • Do not wear tight clothing and underwear
  • Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics.
Note: It is essential to consult a doctor if you experience irritation, itching, pain or a burning sensation when you urinate. The increase, the smell and the color change of the losses are also alarming signs.

Due to hormonal dysregulation during pregnancy, the pregnant woman must take care of her privacy in order to avoid infections that could harm the baby and its growth.

Each woman's body is unique, but these precautions must be taken for a healthy lifestyle.

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